Washington DC Now Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote in Local Elections

I wonder which party the illegal immigrants will be voting for?

The Post Millennial:

On Tuesday, thousands of Washington, DC residents cast their ballots in the district’s local elections. For the first time, however, United States citizens were not the only ones allowed to do so after a new law that came into effect this week extending the ability to vote in local elections to noncitizens.

Under the Local Resident Voting Rights Act, noncitizens can vote in local elections if they have been residents in the jurisdiction for only 30 days, meet requirements regarding age and competency, and have not registered to vote elsewhere in the country. The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigration Responsibility Act of 1996 still prohibits noncitizens from taking part in state and federal elections.

The DC Board of Elections allowed noncitizens to prove their residency via any of a number of documents.

According to the Washington Post, as of Tuesday, over 500 noncitizens in the nation’s capital had registered to vote. Among them, 310 registered as Democrats, 169 as independents, and just 28 as Republicans. A further 16 registered for the Green party.

Maybe it’s time for the RNC to create an outreach program for illegal immigrant voters?

Mean words were said over this