Watch: Alex Jones Breaks Down as He Reveals Eminent Fed Attack on Infowars

I feel for Alex.

During his last interview with Nick Fuentes he went on this rant about how he is sick of people saying he is getting calls from Tel Aviv from people telling him what to say, and he seemed really genuine.

Honestly, I never thought he was getting calls from Tel Aviv. I think he understands that there is a line he’s not supposed to cross as relates to the Jews, and he’s not crossed it. I think it’s a financial thing, basically, but he can also justify it in his own mind by saying that he wouldn’t be able to get the word out about other issues if he talked too much about Jews.

I seriously trolled him for years and eventually he had David Duke on as an olive branch, and I sort of rejected it. I kind of regret doing that, because I don’t think he’s a bad person. Honestly, I would go on his show and not talk shit to him. I probably should have done that way back when, in like 2015. But… I couldn’t have at that point. I was a younger man and I was… well, the long-time reader remembers what I was. I was maybe a bit too hardcore. Not too hardcore in my beliefs, which have literally not changed at all (unlike virtually everyone else), but maybe I could have gone a bit easier on some people.

The shitty part for Alex is that he drew this line he wouldn’t cross in relation to Jews, and he got straight-up ultra-kiked anyway.

New York Post:

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones let out a bizarre war cry and sobbed uncontrollably as he claimed the feds were trying to shutter his Infowars platform.

The 50-year-old host let the bellowing, 10-second scream rip after alleging — without evidence — that his site was under attack by federal authorities planning to raid his Austin, Texas, studio.

This “without evidence” shit is out of control.

What evidence would he be expected to show?

Why would he need evidence for something so obvious?

A wild clip of the moment during a so-called emergency broadcast showed Jones clenching both his fists and screaming until his face turned a dark shade of red.

Just seconds before, the host had declared, “It’s my resistance to them … as a human under attack.”

In the last 15 minutes of his broadcast, Jones — who faces ruin for spreading the disturbing, blatantly false conspiracy that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax — sobbed repeatedly as he alleged the “Deep State” was trying to ruin him.

“I’m so p—ed off,” he raged.

All we’re trying to do is save America, and they’re f–king us over, over and over again,” Jones continued. “And it’s just so sick — it’s sick, it’s sick. I want to leave — because it’s going to be over, folks.”

I’ve been telling him it’s going to be over for years. (He reads this site, at least the articles about him.)

There was just no way after those Sandy Hook suits started coming down that he was going to be able to remain in America and keep his thing going.

I could help him get out, but he wouldn’t want that help and he wouldn’t need it.

The batshit part is that he replaced “Jews” with “communist Chinese” in order to explain his theories, so they’re not going to be especially welcoming. He’s been defaming Chinese people as responsible for crimes committed by the Jews for decades.

And of course, China now has this tight relationship with Russia. But I think Russia would still accept him, as long as he didn’t talk shit about Russia. A few years ago, they would have accepted him and let him talk shit about Russia, but this is wartime.

Probably, Belarus is the best option. That’s Russia but sort of not officially Russia, and they’re cool. That’s my official recommendation. I don’t think he would have to change his narrative. Though at that point, he might want to. I mean, this anti-China stuff is just retarded. China has done literally nothing to harm America, and Alex has said stuff like “Hollywood is controlled by communist Chinese people.”

Communism is not a relevant ideology in China. And maybe this is a bit more controversial, but: Chinese people do not control Hollywood.

It’s a really ridiculous position he’s put himself in, where he thought he could remain in America if he didn’t talk about the Jews, so he blamed all this Jew shit on the Chinese, and now it’s questionable whether the Russians would even give him safe harbor.

But I think Belarus is the play.

If you do want help, Alex, you know where to contact me. If you don’t, you can hit me up at staunchleftist1999 at Just type “HEY IT’S ALEX JONES” in the headline from an email.

But basically, bro, you have to go somewhere. I don’t know why you thought you were going to pull this off indefinitely. But it’s pretty much over right now, and you need to just make a move. Minsk and Saint Petersburg are both nice places. You’ll be fine. You’ll pay fewer taxes (like, basically none). The supplment shit will all get shut down, but you’ve got a lot of money, and you can do crypto scams.

But look, dude: you’re an American institution. I want you on air.

And the thing is – and I hate to say this – but the window is closing.

Eventually, they won’t let you leave.

I’m willing to do anything I can to help, Alex.

But honestly, I think I did everything I can do in this article.

Move all of your money into Bitcoin immediately, then get on a plane to Belarus.

The authorities will meet you at the airport, I can promise you that, and though I can’t promise they will give you asylum (due primarily to this weird shit you created with the Chinese thing), I can say you’ve got a 98% chance of being given full asylum, and being allowed to continue your show as is.

I would think you’d want to cut back on the anti-China horseshit since they would effectively be your protectors at that point, but it’s pretty unlikely the Belarusians would tell you not to say that. And if they did, who really cares? They’ll let you say everything else.

But again, if you want to do a call, hit me up.

Also, Owen, if you want to hit me up, that might work better.

But the choice needs to be made now and quickly, because they are coming for you, and you do at this moment have a way out. If the feds have not told you you can’t leave, then leave.

Alex, I know we’ve had beef, and maybe it was all my fault, but I want to keep you on air. It would also be pretty epic to be broadcasting from Russia (or White Russia).

If you do not take this advice, you are going to regret it. There are no more outs.

My Brother in Christ, I am here for you.

We’re all here for you.