Alex Jones Shits All Over January 6 “Insurrection” Debate, Making a Mockery of Government Believers

Zero Hedge hosted a “was January 6 an inside job or an insurrection?” debate between six people representing each side. Alex Jones, Glenn Greenwald, and Darren Beattie represented the anti-conspiracy side, while Destiny and two Jews represented the theory that Trump was planning to use disorganized groups of boomers to seize control of the US government (without using guns).

The debate was moderated by that limp-wristed long-haired janny from the Tim Pool Variety Show.

Zero Hedge was obvious inviting a shitshow. You don’t do 3 v 3 debates in the first place, and you don’t invite Alex Jones if you want a serious debate.

They not only invited Alex Jones, they held the event in Jones’ studio, to ensure he was only ten feet from his liquor cabinet.

The janny was trying to shut Alex down by muting his mic, and Alex screamed so loud it was picked up by the other people’s mics. Literally unmutable.

I’m as disgusted as everyone else at Alex’s shilling for the Israel Jews and saying wild, hateful stuff like “Israel didn’t bomb a hospital” (???), but on this topic, I 100% agree with Jones, and he was in peak form here.

Some critics were saying Alex made the debate unserious, and I agree it is sort of weird to invite serious people like Greenwald and Beattie and then have Alex turn it into a shitfest. However, the fact is, no one claiming that the election was legitimate, or that January 6 was literally the Civil War, deserves anything else than Alex Jones screaming in their faces coherently.

The election was fake and everything that has happened since was much worse and everyone knows this. Even the liberals know this, they just like it.

No one thinks you can win by the margins Trump was winning by and then, after the count is stopped in an unprecedented way and you literally have videos of trucks pulling up and unloading new votes in the middle of the night, he can then “lose.” It was fake and everyone knows it was fake. Trump probably won 70% of the real vote.

Biden was campaigning on what he delivered: endless coronavirus hoaxing to gut the economy, forced child trannies, open borders, and starting a global war on 3 separate fronts. No one likes this now, and no one liked it in 2020. The election was so fake that even entertaining the idea that there is a serious debate to be had is disgusting.

Alex Jones drunkenly destroying this debate is exactly what this debate deserved, and it proved the point. No one is going to change their position on any of this stuff, so a debate is a circus side show in the first place.

I support it.

Alex Jones is what these people deserve.

In terms of whether the debate is worth watching, I’d say it’s only for hardcore fans of Alex Jones screaming and humiliating people. Others may find it frustrating.