Watch: Cops in Riot Gear Assault Students at University of Michigan Gaza Camp

It’s actually a very good thing that the mask has come off and the US government is no longer even pretending that people have rights.

If you criticize Jews, militarized police will come and beat the shit out of you. They don’t have to explain or justify anything. They just do it.

The Guardian:

Police broke up a pro-Palestinian encampment on Tuesday at the University of Michigan, less than a week after demonstrators showed up at the home of a school official and placed fake body bags on her lawn.

Video posted online by Detroit-area TV stations showed police moving people away from the camp on the Diag, a common site for campus protests. The encampment had been set up in late April near the end of the school year.

Santa Ono, the school’s president, said in a statement that the encampment had become a threat to safety, with overloaded power sources and open flames. Organizers had refused to comply with requests to make changes following an inspection by a fire marshal, he said.

“The disregard for safety directives was only the latest in a series of troubling events,” Ono said.

Protesters have demanded that the school’s endowment stop investing in companies with ties to Israel. But the university insists it has no direct investments and less than $15m placed with funds that might include companies in Israel. That’s less than 0.1% of the total endowment.

“There’s nothing to talk about. That issue is settled,” Sarah Hubbard, chair of the board of regents, said last week.

What Americans and Europeans need to get through their heads is that the Jews view them exactly like they view the Palestinians.

Honestly, they like Moslems better than Christians, as a rule. This is something rabbis have confirmed, and history shows.

But Jews think we’re all animals.

They don’t think any of us are human.

If we don’t serve them, they think we should be killed.