Watch: Protesters Disrupt Blinken During Senate Testimony – “Butcher of Gaza!”

I spend a lot of time trying to process how “normies” view this situation of the Americans giving this unconditional support to Israel. It appears to me that the only way you could explain this is that the US government is controlled by the Jews.

There are still some evangelical Christians who support slaughtering all of these children in Palestine. But they have to be asking why their ultimate enemies, the DEMON-RATS, are 100% supportive of their supposedly Christian mass murder agenda.

For the leftists, I guess they believe that the US is some kind of imperial “white supremacy” state, and Israel is a “white” country killing brown people, but they have to be asking why their party, the Democrats, the party of forced child trannies and total open borders, is supporting “white supremacy” in Israel. Further, the leftists who are now against the war in Gaza are the same people who supported (and I guess still support) the Ukraine war, claiming this is fighting against white supremacy. The Ukraine and Israel funding are in the same war bill.

It’s quite possible that it is pointless to try to unravel the logic here, as Americans just believe total nonsense. But these images from Gaza, which anyone under the age of 40 has seen on the internet, are so emotionally disturbing that they must trigger some kind of thought processes in people. People really want this to stop, and a prerequisite for making it stop is figuring out why it is happening.

Fortunately, I do think we are seeing more talk about AIPAC and the role that the Jewish lobby plays in American politics. What I would like to see, however, is Blinken being addressed as a Jew. The man addresses himself that way. When he went to Israel after October 7th, he said: “I come to you as a Jew and a descendant of Holocaust survivors.”

He didn’t say “I come to you as an American white supremacist supporter of imperialism.”

He didn’t mention that he’s an American, which may make one wonder if he is actually an American.

New York Post:

Israel-hating protesters dubbed Secretary of State Antony Blinken “the butcher of Gaza” in repeated outbursts Tuesday during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, at which the top US diplomat pushed for the State Department’s planned $60 billion budget for fiscal year 2025.

Just after Blinken began his opening statement, an unidentified man stood up and shouted about a 6-year-old he claimed was killed in Gaza during Israel’s ongoing assault on Hamas terrorists.

Blinken, you will be remembered as the butcher of Gaza,” the man yelled as officers yanked him from the hearing room. “You will be remembered for murdering innocent Palestinians.”

The statement was an apparent reference to the nickname of the late Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. Dubbed “the Butcher of Tehran” for his brutality, he was killed Sunday in a helicopter crash in northwest Iran.

I don’t think that is what is being referenced and it certainly is not apparent. That is a very bizarre claim by the Post. This “butcher” claim comes from an event in 1988 when Ayatollah Khomeini allegedly ordered the execution of several thousand American-backed revolutionaries. However, at the time, Raisi was a 28-year-old deputy prosecutor. I just went to the Wikipedia pages relevant to this claim that Raisi was “dubbed” this, and all of the reference links are from after his death.

The single place I can find this title being ascribed to him before his death is in a 2022 Newsweek opinion piece. It was not in his Wikipedia page until after his death, when it was added to the second paragraph of the introduction.

So, after he died, he was “dubbed” this for events that took place nearly four decades earlier by various American media outlets.

It is totally bizarre to bring this up in connection to Blinken. You can draw your own conclusions about the events of 1988, but these were prisoners who were convicted of treason and given death sentences. It’s very different than bombing tens of thousands of children.

These are the people that claim “there is no moral equivalence” between Hamas carrying out a military raid on October 7th and Israel’s 8-month-long campaign of genocide.

A flood of other protesters – some from the far-left “Code Pink” advocacy group – then began shouting at security officers before committee Chairman Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.) asked one to remove a screaming woman.

“Blinken is a war criminal! He is a war criminal,” the woman shouted as she was removed from the room. “The blood of 40,000 Palestinians is on your hands!”

As Blinken resumed his opening statement, another female protester was ejected while shouting that Blinken is “funding a genocide in Gaza.”

There have been seven mass graves outside of hospitals,” she said. “This is sick. This is deranged. You are a war criminal. Shame on you.”

The various emotions we’ve seen on this man’s face are fascinating.

I know that Americans are extremely brainwashed by various media campaigns, and I know that they are uniquely stupid in the world. However, what is going on here is so obvious that it is remarkable that people cannot see it.

I don’t know that there is a logical explanation for how Americans can look at this Jew Blinken and not say “this is a Jew who has taken over the US government and is using it for a Jewish agenda.”

It seems to me that even if you are not a religious man, you would almost have to suppose there is some supernatural reason for the inability of the masses of Americans to comprehend the reality that America is a nation completely controlled by Jews.