We are All Incels Now (There is No Such Thing as a Volcel)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2019

Let me go ahead and explain something to you, because there seems to be some confusion going around.

I have heard people who are not engaging in sex claim “I’m not an incel (involuntary celibate), I’m a volcel (voluntary celibate).”

We should analyze this.

Firstly, a lot of you people claiming to be “volcel” are simply coping, pretending you could get laid if you tried when in fact, you probably couldn’t. At least not with a woman who isn’t a fat cow.

Secondly, if you actually are refusing sex when you have the option to have sex, why are you doing it?

Well, you are doing it because the quality of the women is so low, and the risks and potential consequences of sexual activity so high, that it simply isn’t worth it.

So then the question becomes: did you volunteer to be a part of a feminist society, where women are all fat, aggressive, nasty, dirty, lying whores who might accuse you of rape in the short term, get you done up on domestic violence in the medium term or divorce-rape you in the long term?

Unless you did volunteer for this situation – and you didn’t – then you aren’t “voluntarily celibate” because of a situation you have no control over. A situation that was forced on you. A situation you are involuntarily living in.

Thus: you are an incel.

We are all incels.

I am an e-celeb and a badboy enemy of the state (of Israel), I’m in incredible shape and I’m charismatic. I get messages from sluts nonstop. And I do not engage. I will not engage in sexual relations with a non-prostitute, under any circumstances, unless that circumstance is with the clear intent to use her to produce children.

And because I have not found a woman worthy of that great honor, I am an incel and I am a proud incel.

Unless you are:

  • A priest or a monk, abstaining for spiritual reasons
  • A married man with children
  • A “boyfriend” (or a husband in a childless marriage), i.e., some bitch’s puppy dog
  • A reckless retard who spends extreme amounts of vital essence and masculine energy attempting to have sex with rando sluts, and willing to take all the risks that go along with that practice, and are actually successful at it (which is rare and getting rarer)
  • You have extremely low standards and are willing to have sex with women who are fat, nonwhite or past the age of 25

Then you are an incel.

Incel Pride

Let me explain something to you about the history of sexual relations.

The natural form of sex before ordered societies was what is commonly called “rape” nowadays. That is, it was physically capturing a woman to use for sexual purposes.

There are many cartoons about this, involving cavemen hitting women over the head and dragging them by the hair back to their caves for sex.

You’ve seen that imagery before, I’m sure.

It is a very old meme.

Then you had civilization, and the enforcement of marriage. And for all of history until Last Thursday, there were more women than men, because being a man is much more dangerous than being a woman. Men die more often than women. They die in wars, they die at work, they die on hunting trips.

So not only was there marriage, there was polygamy, because if you didn’t give some men multiple wives, then you would have unmarried women, which would mean that you were wasting breeding potential, which is always, always, always a bad idea for any people.

With Christianity, you had monogamy – in part logical due to fewer deaths, in part simply a way to create a more stable society – but there were still men who were going to go outside of their wives’ view to make sure wombs didn’t get wasted. This usually would have been wealthier men producing bastards with unmarried lower class women, and then sending them money.

In the monogamy era, every father wanted to get rid of his daughters by giving them to men, in part because that would mean they didn’t have to pay for them and in part because it meant they wouldn’t end up with a bastard. And in large part because that would give them grandchildren, who would also be loyal to them.

All of this is to say that all throughout history, men were getting laid. Unless there was something very seriously wrong with them.

In the pre-historic era, if you weren’t getting laid, it meant you weren’t strong enough or wily enough to capture a woman.

Since the beginning of civilization, it meant you must be some kind of cripple who is unable to work. Or else someone would be giving you their daughter.

As such: being a man who wasn’t having sex was, throughout history, a source of extreme shame. It meant that you were more or less completely worthless.

As such: our brains are hardwired to feel shame about not having a sexual partner.

As such: in this bizarre modern era of complete and total social dysfunction, men very, very, very often lie about their sex lives.

As such: men believe that other men are getting laid more than they actually are, so they are then even more prone to lying about this issue.

As such: we’ve created a situation where men are almost all lying about their sex lives to other men, while they are all feeling like frauds and losers.

We need to start telling the truth to each other: things are rough out there.

We need to stand in solidarity, as men, as brothers, as proud incels who are not weak, are not pathetic, are not anything other than victims of a system created by Jews to exterminate us by restricting our breeding.

The Hierarchy of Sexual Options

According to the laws of God and nature, there are seven options for dealing with the sexual drive.

These are, from best to worst:

  1. Marriage with children
  2. Celibacy
  3. Whore-mongering
  4. Lechery (Slut-hunting)
  5. Rape
  6. Being a boyfriend (i.e., human pet)
  7. Masturbation

In my view, only the first three should ever be considered valid options for a dignified and self-respecting man.

Whore-mongering, being the lowest of the three valid options, is a sin. But it is the lesser sin. And if you cannot marry and cannot control your sexual urges, it is the lesser sin, and God is merciful, and He understands the hellscape we live in. I will not encourage any man to sin, but I will simply say that this is the lesser of the 3-7 sinful options.

What I will also say is that there is much less shame in the purchasing of sex than there is in begging for scraps from some whore and saying it’s “free.” This was understood by men throughout history. Prostitution was only banned in the West after women were politically empowered.

“Accordingly in human government also, those who are in authority rightly tolerate certain evils, lest certain goods be lost, or certain evils be incurred: thus Augustine says [De ordine 2.4]: ‘If you do away with harlots, the world will be convulsed with lust.’” -Saint Thomas Aquinas

(It should be noted that escorts are not prostitutes, legally – you are paying for her time and she is having sex with you of her own volition, unrelated to the money you have given her for her time. But check your local laws.)

Going to a bar and attempting to put on a show to impress a woman so that she will reward you with sex is among the most humiliating acts a man can ever engage in. As is trying to “date” women for the specific intent of sex.

If you’re doing such things, you need to forgive your mother, because you have mommy syndrome.

Obviously, if you are attempting to marry, you are going to need to spend time with the woman beforehand, and this could be referred to as “dating.” But you need to only do that when you have already decided that the woman is potentially a viable candidate for bearing your children.

Notes on Marriage Itself and the Creation of Offspring

Firstly, you should not be thinking about any form of relationship with a woman until you have your money right. You need to be established in your career, whatever that may be.

And of course, as we talk about here on the Daily Stormer often, you need to be planning your career before you finish high school. You need to decide about college or something else, and you need to have a clear agenda. Don’t do some retarded non-STEM degree, obviously, but also consider non-college options.

You likely will not be stable and ready to start thinking about producing children until you are close to 30. And spending time with women before this period when you are ready to produce children is literally a complete and total waste of time. It is not really better than excessive drinking, using drugs, or engaging in any other self-destructive activity.

There are situations where men will be ready to have children earlier. But there is no situation in which it is logical to spend time with non-prostitute females when you are not prepared to have children.

When you are not ready to have children: study, work, work-out, play sports, read, involve yourself in politics, make yourself better.

On Choosing Women

When you are prepared, be very, very careful.

When your money is right, when you are developed as a real man, and you are older, you will have much more power. You will be more desirable to women. You will understand them better, and most importantly, you will have learned to not need them. You will be able to walk away when it is necessary.

You will want a woman who is young, who has as low a sexual partner count as possible, who is not of above average attractiveness and who, most importantly, is not ambitious.

You probably do not want to get legally married, because although there are these “common-law marriage” laws, you are still probably better off in most places if you don’t have a marriage contract.

For the most part however, unless you are already at the age where you are ready to have kids, you don’t need to be thinking about how to choose a woman. That will become clearer and clearer as you age.

It Might Never Happen

You need to at least consider the possibility that you may be forever alone. And that there are worse things in life than being alone.

Ultimately, all of what I have just written here is political. It is a result of the political situation which has been created by the Jews. It is a society-scale problem that none of us can change, until the time comes when God allows us to change it by taking a series of necessary actions.

The bottom line is to be a good man, and take care of yourself.

Forgive your mother.

Make yourself strong, then make yourself stronger.

God will give you a fitting woman to give you children if it is His will to do so.

Until then, be an incel.

And be proud of it.