Weather Supremacists Spray Paint Stonehenge to Appease Napalm Farts Goddess

The global warmer religion has become more extreme than the Taliban.

The Taliban infamously got a lot of crap for destroying ancient Buddha statues in Afghanistan, but at least they had a plan and a purpose in doing so. Blowing up Buddha prevented what they saw as idol worship.

How does vandalizing Stonehenge change the weather?

It almost appears as though these people want to be hated by normal people.

I can’t really figure out an angle on that.

I can understand Jews infiltrating the pro-Palestine movement to do really anti-social things and make people hate the pro-Palestine movement.

But the warmers making themselves a target of hate is strange.


Environmental protesters sprayed paint on Britain’s Stonehenge on Wednesday, with orange marks covering some of the stones of the prehistoric megalithic structure on the eve of the summer solstice celebrations.

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of damaging the ancient monument, police said in a statement.

“This is extremely upsetting and our curators are investigating the extent of the damage,” English Heritage, the charity that manages Stonehenge, said on X. Stonehenge remains open, it added.

The monument, one of Britain’s most visited tourist spots, also holds spiritual significance and attracts thousands of revellers, spiritualists and tourists during the summer solstice – the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

In video released by environmental group Just Stop Oil, two protesters were seen running towards two of Stonehenge’s megaliths and spraying paint as another person attempted to stop them.

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