“We’re Coming for Your Children” Gay Choir Issues More Threats Against Your Sons

I think by now, anyone who is in any way associated with the right-wing has seen the video of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus singing that they are coming to sodomize your little boys.

They sing: “we’re coming for your children” and “we will convert your children.” This means, very straightforwardly, “we will sodomize your sons.”

After the negative response the Chorus received, they posted a bizarre, aggressively menacing statement to Twitter.

I’ll copy that here, because the tweet might get deleted.

The statement claims that the “far-right” has “found” their publicly-posted threats to sodomize children, and are “taking it out of context.” They then claim that the context that it was taken out of was “obvious tongue-in-cheek humor.”

In fact, I think people did understand the joke, and that simply made it more offensive. Joking about kidnapping people’s sons and sodomizing them really is not funny to many people, so these homosexuals thinking that is funny doubled the rage. Obviously, everyone knows that all homosexuals are child-molesters.

They then explain that although they are very proud of the video, they want to hide it and prevent right-wingers from seeing their message, so they are claiming that anyone who shares clips of it, which they acknowledge is “fair use” under the law, is “stealing” their content. They then say they’re going to get the police to hunt down everyone “threatening” them.

Then you get to the real kicker: “After decades of children being indoctrinated and taught intolerance for anyone who is “other,” from using the Bible as a weapon to reparative therapy, it’s our turn.”

So, they say they’re joking, then they say they’re going to indoctrinate your children because it is “their turn.” I guess they were just joking about the sodomy implications, but were not joking about the indoctrination? Or they were joking about both but they’re also serious?

Is there anything more ominously evil than stating, directly, in a menacing way, that “it’s our turn” with your children?

That statement would be nauseating in any context, but in the context of “we will convert your children to homosexuality against your will by using the government education system to indoctrinate them” – it’s just almost unbelievable, even to me, sitting here right now typing this.

Do you remember in the story of Sodom when the Angels came to Lot’s house and the people of the town formed a mob outside, demanding access to their anuses?

They started a riot, attacking the house, and Lot offered his allegedly virgin daughters to the mob, but they only wanted the Angels’ anuses. The Angels took Lot and his family and fled the city so they could nuke it from space.

From Genesis 19:

That’s what we have here.

Homosexuals formed a mob to demand access to your children’s anuses. They are claiming a right to ram their penises into the anuses of your children.

If you are still telling yourself “I can’t flee this city I live in because of X and Y reasons,” you need to set a timer and sit and think for 20 minutes in silence about what is going on here.

Lot and his family did not have time to pack a bag before fleeing the homosexual mob. You need to start thinking of this situation like that. At this point, you would be better off just going and living in the woods on a mountain.

You’re not going to be able to keep your nice things, regardless. That’s all over. This is a new reality now, wherein you are not going to be comfortable.

Your only goal now is survival, and if you are still living in a city and making excuses for yourself, you are playing a game with your life and those of your family. If you have a son, you’re also playing a game with his anus.

These people are absolutely serious, and they have the full power of the both the biggest and most powerful government that has ever existed in history and the biggest and most powerful companies that have ever existed in history behind them.

You people need to develop a sense of urgency.

I would not exaggerate something like this. You can see it yourself.

If you are still living in a major American city, you are absolutely negligent. If you have children, then I cannot even begin to grasp your thought process.

You need to run, because these people are coming for you.


They’ve already apparently deleted the statement from their website.

This is the statement that is up now, having been rearranged to make it slightly less menacing, and to state that they are making the video available again (maybe that’s why the above tweet wasn’t deleted for DMCA).

Apparently, they talked to some lawyers about something. Or perhaps just the PR people from GLAAD.

I clicked through some of the images they’ve posted of themselves on their site. Homosexuals truly are broken and sick people. They all have this sick fake smile, and when they’re not smiling they look like they’re about to start crying or stabbing people at random.

Homosexuals were all molested as children, and then they grow up to believe it is a “gift” to be molested as a child. That is how they then justify molesting children.

Understand: this is all about the sexual molestation of little boys.

That is what the rainbow flag that now flies over all of our cities means.

They are right on the precipice of making all of this explicit.