What are We Talking About Here, Guys?

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When it comes to most mainstream conservative talking points, I’m like: “This is a waste of time, shut up, you’re Jewish.”

For example, yesterday, we noted that claiming that the reason Mexicans shouldn’t be allowed into America by the millions is because some tiny percentage of them may commit an act of violence in the United States is a stupid conservative talking point, which makes them look dishonest and scummy. Obviously, I’m against immigration, but the Republicans are cowards controlled by Jews, which is why they won’t just say “we’re against immigration because we don’t need any more brown people.”

You can more or less go down the line on Republican/Fox News/Breitbart talking points, and I’m just opposed to all of it. They are literally arguing right now that there is no problem with adult trannies, they are just against child trannies. (I can’t find the clip right now, because all the results are about when he got caught with tranny porn on his phone, but Alex Jones said a couple of months ago that he supports tranny surgeries after 18. I think he might have said 17, actually, since you can technically be emancipated at that age. This guy is supposed to be “far right.”)

They’ve turned the entire tranny discussion from something that should be about Christian morality into something about age of consent and parental rights. So, even when there is surface level agreement, the underlying reasoning is more or less always something I disagree with.

However, I think this conservative outrage over the Senate changing the dress code to allow the gigantic retard John Fetterman to enter the building and vote in a hoodie and basketball shorts is totally correct. The whole narrative is correct, actually: this degrades society.

This Jew Levine at the New York Post recently dressed up like Fetterman and went around trying to get into high class Manhattan restaurants, and they wouldn’t let him in.

It’s a very Jewish stunt. Jews have always been big into physical comedy, and get off on making people uncomfortable, and this combines those two things.

But the point is actually very good and I support it: elite society should have standards, and the people who run the government should follow some kind of aristocratic value system, which honors established social convention. Violating these conventions is communism, or, more specifically, critical theory, or, even more specifically, Jewish.

The Jews like the idea of pulling down social conventions, across the board. They have their own taboos that they impose on their host societies, but they are very specific taboos that have to do with protection of the Jewish people from critique. They also push for the inversion of taboos, and create new taboos based on the opposite of the established taboo – for example, in the United States, it is officially now taboo to criticize homosexualism.

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If we were to take this to its logical conclusion, Jews would eventually try to establish a dress code in the government that says you are required to look like a slob, and can be denied entry to the Senate if you do not look like a stinking homeless person.

So, there is some value in the critique.

That said, we should also note that this talk about Fetterman’s slovenly appearance is really something of a distraction.

This Jew doing this physical comedy bit in the sweatshirt is currently at the top of the Post, while at the same time, another Democrat Senator, Bob Menendez, was just indicted and is refusing to resign.

That’s probably a more important story than the dress code thing.

Menendez was defiant as he delivered his first public remarks since the Sept. 22 indictment. He spoke in Union Station, New Jersey, where he started his political career four decades ago. He didn’t take any questions from the press.

“Everything I’ve accomplished I’ve worked for despite the naysayers and everyone who has underestimated me,” he said. “I recognize this will be the biggest fight yet. But as I have stated throughout this whole process, I firmly believe that when all the facts are presented, not only will I be exonerated, but I still will be New Jersey’s senior senator.”

Menendez and his wife, Nadine, are accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars of bribes in exchange for wielding his power to enrich three businessmen — Wael Hana, Jose Uribe and Fred Daides — and benefit the Egyptian government. Those bribes, according to prosecutors, included gold bars, a luxury convertible car, home mortgage payments and more.

Here’s an article detailing the charges (in an ADD manner, for those short on time).

This is the sort of thing that, if blown up, could be a kind of “sweater thread pull” situation, where the entire Democrat establishment gets implemented in a massive corruption scandal.

But nothing ever happens, probably because the conservatives are just not really interested in serious attempts to undermine the Democrat establishment.

Menendez is a ridiculous figure, who has been so publicly corrupt for so long that it’s almost unbelievable. He was indicted for corruption in 2015, and it was proved that on corruption trips to the Dominican Republic, he hired underage hookers.

He’s currently being accused of doing weasel activities to ensure visas for hookers from Brazil and the Ukraine.

It’s mostly money stuff, but when you see the hooker stuff, then you look at this retard’s face, it’s like “yes, the government is being run by base morons.”

These are people too stupid to be successful in any real profession, but they are totally amoral, willing to do anything they’re told to do by powerful people, as long as they can get nice houses, nice cars, luxury vacations, and a supply of quality hookers.

People like nice things. A lot of men are into hookers. But generally, a stream of wealth is something you have to work hard for, and you have to be smart. If you’re in the government, you just have to show up. There is no required skill set. The only requirement is a lack of morality. (And I guess the ability to smile and talk in a semi-charismatic way – though this is not a difficult skill to learn, which is easily learned in the universities that these lawyers attend.)

The fact that Menendez had this huge indictment before, and got out of it, then was reelected, then is indicted again – it just shows how ridiculous this “democracy” system is.

It also points again to the fact that America is not different than any other country. Despite ongoing and very outrageous and cartoonish claims that the US is uniquely moral and involved in an existential struggle against evil, the government is just as corrupt as any “oligarchy” or “dictatorship.” We’ve of course been through many times the fact that the US censors and suppresses dissent in the same way as any country they attack. You can go on down the line, and see that there is no moral difference between the government structure of “democracies” and the structure of “dictatorships.”

The moral imperative of the US is that they do anal sex. That is actually different than “dictatorships” like Russia and China, so if you believe that gay anal is the ultimate good, then you could certainly accept this idea that America is on a moral crusade, but it should be stated plainly: “We are on a crusade to force the whole world to normalize homosexuality and child trannies, along with female empowerment.”

Gay sex is a real thing that exists in reality. “Democracy” is a meaningless buzzword, as is “rules-based order” and various others. “Global child anal by any means necessary” would be a fair slogan, and you couldn’t call them liars. But the whole thing is so convoluted, where you actually have conservatives who are ostensibly against child anal promoting the idea of American geostrategic agendas, as well as the idea that America is uniquely moral in some vague way.

It’s tiresome to continue talking about this every day. I feel that these things should be very obvious to everyone, and then I feel that if they are not obvious to any individual, that individual is being blinded by Satan. However, as a Christian, I do believe that I am given this burden of telling the truth, over and over, no matter who listens.

But there is a Sisyphus type struggle that I deal with.

I don’t know what my personal internal operations have to do with what I was just writing above, however. That just is what it is.

You’ll have to excuse me.

I’m experiencing my weekly “it’s Tuesday and tomorrow is Monday” crisis.

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