What Cannot Be Erased

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2013



At first glance a news story about a celebrity removing her tattoo of an ex-husband’s name seems inconsequential. But this celebrity is German supermodel Heidi Klum, and her ex-husband is Negro pop-singer Seal.  Klum and Seal, married from 2005-2012, were long the most prominent mixed-race celebrity couple, and were approvingly featured in countless magazine articles and television pieces.  One could sense the delight of the Jewish press when presenting these post-racial poster children.  But now that their marriage is over, the Daily Mail reports that Klum has sought to remove the tattoo of Seal’s name from her forearm:

She tattooed her then-husband’s name – Seal – on her right forearm back in 2008 to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary.

But since divorcing in 2012 and moving on to her bodyguard, Heidi Klum has started the process of removing the declaration of love. 

And it seems she’s well on her way to getting rid of all traces of her ex as the tattoo was barely visible as she landed in Los Angeles on Sunday evening.

While indeed the tattoo does seem to be fading, there is one trace of Klum’s ex-husband that can never be erased: her three mullatto children.  The permanence of a tattoo is proverbial, and yet it can be erased far more easily than the results of miscegination.