White House Disagrees with World Central Kitchen Founder That Jews “Waging War Against Humanity Itself”

Finally, we’re talking seriously.

Andres had said this before. He’s said it again in a new ABC interview: the Jews are not simply at war with the Arabs, they are at war against all humanity.

All humanity includes you.

This is what I’ve been saying for more than a decade now, and it is finally just normal news. Saint Paul said it: “the Jews are the enemy of all mankind.”

The Guardian:

The White House has pushed back on comments by World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés that Israel is engaged in “war against humanity itself” following the Israeli drone strike attack that killed seven of his aid workers on 1 April, but ruled out putting US monitors on the ground in Gaza.

“There’s going to have to be some changes to the way Israeli defense forces are prosecuting these operations in Gaza to make sure this doesn’t happen again,” White House national security communications adviser John Kirby told ABC’s This Week said on Sunday.

“There have to got to be changes in the deconfliction process, between aid workers on the ground and the IDF headquarters so that this kind of targeting can’t happen again,” Kirby said Sunday, but would not be drawn on claims that Israeli drone operators would have been able see the insignia three WCK vehicles carrying the workers that identified them as part of an aid convoy.

In an earlier interview on This Week, Andrés had said that the IDF attack on his workers “is not anymore about the seven men and women of World Central Kitchen that perished on this unfortunate event. This is happening for way too long. It’s been six months of targeting anything that seems – moves,” Andrés said.

This doesn’t seem a war against terror,” Andrés added. “This doesn’t seem anymore a war about defending Israel. This really, at this point, seems it’s a war against humanity itself.”

The IDF said Friday that there had been three strikes against the convoy, and confirmed that World Central Kitchen had coordinated their movements correctly with them in advance.

It said that Israeli officials had failed to update commanders on the convoy and that they were“ convinced that they were targeting armed Hamas operatives and not WCK employees.” The strikes, the IDF added, had been “a grave mistake”.

But Andrés refuted those findings, telling ABC News: “Every time something happens, we cannot just be bringing Hamas into the equation.”

It’s so very tiresome that after six months, these Jews are still using these retarded talking points about how everything is a Hamas base.

“Actually, we thought your aid convoy was a Hamas base, even though we knew it wasn’t.”

The Jews are going to need to be punished for these things they’ve done. But that is in the short term. In the long term, Jews need to be separated from humans. They are incompatible with humans. All they do is destroy things humans build and destroy human lives. They have to be disarmed and isolated.

The world cannot continue to live with this menace. From child trannies, to women’s rights, to the stupid global warming hoax, to deadly fake vaccines, to the war in the Ukraine to the slaughter in Gaza, everything that is wrong with the world is the fault of the Jews.

They must be quarantined.

We cannot live like this anymore.