White House Puts Up Fences to Protect Themselves from Protesters Calling for End to Gaza Slaughter

Oh, so if Biden says border walls don’t work well then why is he building a border wall to protect himself from pro-Palestine protesters???


That sounds a little hypocritical to me.

The Democrats are really going to be pwned when they have to explain the logic of that one…!


Pro-Palestinian activists demanding an end to the war in Gaza and to American support for Israel plan to surround the White House during a weekend protest, prompting additional security measures, including anti-scale fencing.

Advocacy and activist groups like CODEPINK and the Council on American Islamic Relations said on Friday that demonstrations were planned on Saturday, marking eight months of Israel’s war in Gaza that has killed tens of thousands while causing a humanitarian crisis with widespread hunger and destruction.

The United States, Israel’s key ally, has seen months of pro-Palestinian protests ranging from marches in Washington and vigils near the White House to the blocking of bridges and roads near train stations and airports in multiple cities and encampments on many college campuses.

At least eight officials have quit the administration of President Joe Biden citing their opposition to his policy. Protesters have also disrupted some of Biden’s reelection campaign events. Biden is currently in France for an official visit.

In preparation for the events this weekend in Washington, D.C., that have the potential for large crowds to gather, additional public safety measures have been put in place near the White House complex,” a U.S. Secret Service spokesperson said.

Oh, safety measures like walls, which can’t protect the border, can protect the baby-killers in the White House?

Funny how that works, huh?

The Democrats are so owned after putting up a wall after saying walls don’t work.