Andrew Anglin Put on Ukrainian Kill List as Elon Musk Bans All Links to Daily Stormer

I was put on another Ukrainian kill list. This one, funded by the US State Department, only contains 390 people. So it’s a pretty big achievement, really.

The NGO called “Data Journalism Agency” ( also for some reason called “TEXTY”) published the kill list in a report last week entitled “American swing. From Trumpists to communists, who and how is campaigning for the end of aid to Ukraine.”

This was first on reported by the Ron Paul Institute, where you can read more about it if you care. But basically, it’s just a standard kill list. There is no other reason to make lists of people’s names unless you want them punished in some way. They don’t dissect my material, or respond to it, or comment on it at all. They just put me on a list. Try to think of other reasons to do that other than calling for harm to be done to the named individuals (spoiler: there aren’t any).

Meanwhile, it was also revealed this week that all links to the Daily Stormer have been blocked by Elon Musk’s Twitter.

As everyone knows, I’ve personally been banned from Twitter since shortly after Elon Musk gave me my account back in early 2023. I’ve never been given a reason. But people were still allowed to post links to the site (as you are allowed to post links to every other site on the internet, including porn).

The links are now marked as “harmful,” and you can’t post them.

Who are “our partners,” I wonder?

That’s been the situation on Facebook for like, I don’t even know how many years. But even before Elon bought Twitter, you could still technically post links to the Stormer (however, it was widely reported that this resulted in shadowbanning or demerits in some other hidden system).

I’ve not heard of this being done to any other website. It’s possible that there are ISIS websites suffering the same treatment, but certainly there is no other “news and commentary” website suffering this same fate.

It’s interesting. I saw the Ukrainian kill list before the Twitter block. When I saw the kill list, I said, “surely, this must mean I’m allowed back on Twitter, as I’m a person marked for assassination by a state entity, and therefore must deserve a voice in public discourse?”

As it turns out, Elon had the opposite thought: I deserve to be censored even more.

I’m a bit tired of hearing people say “so much for free speech, eh Elon?”

What I do wonder: is the site blocked because the Feds and the ADL told him to do so, or because of my scathing coverage of him personally? I think it’s possibly the latter. Though probably not. I already told Elon that if he let me back on Twitter, I would violate the most basic journalistic ethics and stop pressing the issue that his shitty cars are death traps and the lawsuits against Tesla are valid. (I’m not going to tell my readers to buy Teslas, because I don’t want them to die, but I would just totally stop writing about the issue.) I also said I would stop commenting on his weight and obsession with the worst video games. So my critiques of him and his companies are an easy problem to solve.

I also wonder, if it was the Feds, if my recent call for people to refuse to vote and thereby refuse to recognize the US government, which is an international criminal enterprise, as a legitimate authority of any sort (example) is what led to this? I’m starting to think this is something you’re really, really not allowed to say. It might even be worse than talking about the Jews. Apparently, people are allowed to talk about the Jews on Twitter now. (Nick Fuentes was recently reinstated, and he pretty much says all the same things about Jews I say – he’s also a vote-cuck and Trump supporter). But I’m not only banned, but the one guy you’re not even allowed to link to? Really?

How did I get so special?

It’s strange that after all of these years, I’m still the most censored man on earth.

What is perhaps even stranger is that I’m still killing it on traffic.

If the Daily Stormer was not censored, it would be one of the most popular news sites in the world. This is undeniable.

However, it is also undeniable that if my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

So, hey – it is what it is.

We do what we can.