White Privilege and Jewish Power

Age of Treason
August 10, 2013

jew-dominated-fedFor more than a year the jewsmedia has been trying to turn the shooting of a black nobody by a mestizo nobody into an indictment of White “racism” and “privilege”. Meanwhile the top two candidates to replace Ben Shalom Bernanke as head of the Federal Reserve are Larry Summers and Janet Yellen. All three are jews, but you won’t hear anything critical of that in the jewsmedia.

The jewish paper of record provides a typical example of how the jewsmedia goes about ignoring the jewish elephant in the room. The Battle for the Fed and In Tug of War Over New Fed Leader, Some Gender Undertones spin the struggle for power between two jew-dominated factions into a story about men versus women. Though “diversity” usually means less White, in this case it means less male.

Knowing how often jews are conflated and confused with Whites, I searched out commentary on Janet Yellen white privilege. Remarkably, I found only one article that put these four words together on the same page. Progressive Reading List at Winning Progressive calls Yellen “the best candidate to chair the Federal Reserve”, and in a separate item links The Privilege of Whiteness, describing it as:

an essay on the privilege that we place on whiteness in our society by treating white people as individuals while people of other races are racially profiled far too often.

The anti-White essay is by Paul Waldman. Another jew. These days just about anything serves as a pretext for anyone in the jewsmedia to decry White “racism” and “privilege” – it has become the new normal. The same critics don’t have anything to say about White “privilege”, much less jewish dominance, at a prominent and preeminent seat of financial and political power.

Empirically, jews are regarded as distinct from Whites. Jews like David Sirota, Tim Wise and Paul Waldman may pretend they are “white” because it helps enable their White bashing, and too many Whites are willing to go along with the charade. But the fact is that in the jew-dominated mainstream media and academia it is Whites who are most consistently criticized as a group. To the extent Whiteness is a “default setting”, as jews like Waldman argue, it is as the target for blame. Beside Sirota, Wise and Waldman, the most vile and blatant examples of anti-White invective come from jews like Susan Sontag (“the White race is the cancer of history”) and Noel Ignatiev (“the key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the White race”). Why? Because jews as a group regard themselves not only as distinct from the White race, but at odds with it. Those who speak most stridently against Whites are not “self-hating” Whites, or even White-hating Whites – they are jews doing what they think is best for jews.

Constant complaints about White “racism” and “privilege” serve to distract attention away from jewish power. There are no complaints about White “privilege” at the Fed because it would call attention to jewish power. Those who hold power in the anti-White regime are either jews, in bed (literally or figuratively) with the jews, and/or are afraid of what will happen to them if they oppose the jews. They may complain about Whites. They may even pretend jews are “white”. But they will not abide complaints about jews. This is an indication not only of the power jews have, but the duplicitous and toxic nature of that power.