Whites Entering Stage Four Genocide

Steve Goode
White Genocide Project
November 9, 2013

We are worth saving.
We are worth saving.

White people, globally, are facing three of the eight stages that lead to genocide.

Stage 1 is “Classification”; All cultures have categories to distinguish people into “us and them” by ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality . . .

In Western culture if you oppose White genocide anti-Whites scream “racist!” and position themselves as “anti-racist”. They also call themselves “progressive”, and “pro-humanity”, and they call opposition to White genocide “backwards”, “bigoted”, and “not pro-humanity”.

No matter where you go; in courts, in government, in media, in schools – this is the standard that everyone must accept – or they are “them” – a “racist-bigot-nazi”, which in many circumstances can get you beaten up, fired, sued, fined, or harmed in some way.

This is a clear example of an “us and them” mentality that anti-Whites have donned.

Stage 2 is “Symbolization”; we give names or symbols to the groups of people if we can distinguish them from another group; and apply the symbols to members of groups. Classification and symbolization are universally human and do not necessarily result in genocide unless they lead to the next stage, dehumanization.

White people are distinguished A/ by the way we look, and B/ by the fact that our ancestors came from Europe (same DNA).

Stage 3 is “Dehumanization”, where one group denies the humanity of another group, often comparing them to animals, vermin, demons, diseases, etc. At this stage media outlets might be producing propaganda to abuse and vilify the target group.

Author, Susan Sontag said “the White race is the cancer of history”, and Tim Wise said “White people are on the endangered species list and not worth saving”, in fact there are many, many more quotes like this. Racial epithets like “White devil”, along with all the others, attempts to strip White people of our humanity.

You can read all the countless media reports that talk about “White privilege” – and all of them refuse to dwell in simple logic about why there is this “privilege”.

When you say “there are no racial differences”, well firstly, you are saying that GENOCIDE is impossible, Genos = race, people. Cide = to kill. . . and secondly, you are holding everyone to the same standard.

Now if you are holding everyone to the same standard, and each group does better at certain things either these groups must have some kind of a “privilege” in the fields they do best at . . . or . . . your logic is just plain wrong.

Stage 4, “Organization of genocide”, is slowly coming into effect, where majority White areas are deemed “too White”; referencing Marin County California, and “must become more diverse”.

Anti-Whites have not yet explicitly said that White areas are not diverse, but we know they think this because “diversity” is only every forced onto White areas, and “lack of diversity” is only ever spoken about in White areas.

When anti-Whites start to organize White areas as “problems” that need to be “solved”, then it will be a stage 4 genocide.

The 8 stages of genocide.