Why You Should be Against War in China

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 30, 2019

The right-wing of the US is now overrun with paid shills claiming that it is a good thing for the Jewish-controlled US State Department to overthrow the government of China by instigating brutal terrorist riots in the Chinese province of Hong Kong.

“Revolution now!” has been a big talking point on the Jewish website Breitbart, which is otherwise good on many issues. What is more shocking, however, is that this has infiltrated far-right circles, with many of these shills gaining traction even in our own comments section.

I have written about how Pepe the Frog has appeared in Hong Kong, and that this was then shilled on 4chan to support the State Department terrorism there.

Since this first happened a couple of weeks ago, the shills have continued to spam 4chan with State Department propaganda. However, it has now gotten so obvious that many are pushing back against it.

What I did not know when I first wrote about Pepe appearing in Hong Kong is that he made his first appearance when the State Department shill Joey Gibson, the leader of Patriot Prayer, went there in July to shill and attempt to incite the gooks to violence.

Live at Hong Kong protests. Joey Gibson and Carmen Estel Donate: Patriot-Prayer.comhttps://gogetfunding.com/legal-fees-for-joey-gibsonpatriot-prayer-fighting-2-huge-lawsuits/

Gepostet von Patriot Prayer am Montag, 1. Juli 2019

While chanting “free Hong Kong” and waving around an American flag, Gibson was also handing out a flyer.

A flyer containing…


That’s a professionally manufactured flyer with Cantonese writing on it, and I am certain Gibson does not write Cantonese. This was obviously part of a campaign to seed Pepe imagery a month before the New York Times wrote up the story of Pepe in Hong Kong and shills started spamming it on 4chan talking about how the State Department riots are some kind of gamer uprising.

This is some ultra-weird shilling, but it is clear that the US government has an intent to purposefully get the Meme Nazis on board with their revolution in China.

This is something they did not do with Syria, Venezuela or Iran. They obviously had Fox News shilling against those countries, and with Iran there were some Alt-Lite shills like Jack Posobiec shilling, but they did not attempt an incursion into 4chan.

Hong Kong Pepe

The Hong Kong color revolution is the first neocon war agenda I have ever seen shilled on 4chan, it is the only neocon agenda I have seen shilled on my own website in the comments section, and this is inexplicable.

Here is an example of a paid shill promoting American intervention in China in the Daily Stormer comments section:

Note that five victimized autistic children clicked the heart button on his post, showing that even some completely neon individuals are capable of being mind-hecked by this shilling operation.

Watching these grimy shills manipulate my autistic children, I feel a bit like an elementary school teacher in Rotherham watching Pakistanis come and pick up little white girls. It is utterly filthy.

With regards to what he is saying – this is utterly dishonest shilling. It is not in good faith. No one is unaware of the fact that the US government is running this revolution, this information is widely available, and they admit to doing it, as I have written. Everything that comes after the initial lie is even dumber.

He says that the Chinese are niggers. People can debate that, but it surely doesn’t have anything to do with anything. It is just an attempt to appeal to¬†racist sentiment to get racists to support neocon interventionism. This is the exact same thing that Israeli shills do, claiming that if you don’t support Israel, you must be a Moslem.

He then gives the humanitarian appeal, claiming that China oppresses Tibetans. This is in conflict with the appeal to racism, but this isn’t meant to be logical, it is meant to get you on board with a Jewish agenda.

Then he claims that if China isn’t stopped, they’ll come for us. This is presenting the Chinese as a safety threat, and appealing to fear. That was famously the logic for all of these wars in the Middle East – “we have to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here.” And how did that work out? Nearly two decades after the invasion of Afghanistan, do you feel safer, goyim?

In this short comment, we witness three-step focus-group tested shilling.

Following the easily disproved lie that this is not a neocon operation, the shill gives:

  1. An appeal to racist sentiment
  2. An appeal to humanitarian sentiment
  3. An appeal to fear of a safety threat

This is a scientific mind-heck, so don’t be embarrassed if you fell for it. You are an innocent autistic child and you are being taken advantage of by the Jews. But correct your ways, because we do not need this.

When has This Ever Worked Out?

Apparently, it is necessary for me to go through and point out the fact that none of these ZOG foreign adventures have worked out all that well for us. We need to go step-by-step for the victimized autistic children.

The results of these Jewish interventions are real, and they affect our lives. This is not some abstract thing.

2001 – Afghanistan

Following 911, we invaded Afghanistan. Many soldiers died, and our country was flooded with heroin.

2003 – Iraq

George W. Bush told us that Saddam Hussein did 911 and that he was getting ready to nuke us, so we invaded Iraq. Many US soldiers died for no reason. Israel was empowered and emboldened.

2011 – Libya

Because of “protests” similar to those we are seeing in Hong Kong, Barack Obama bombed Libya to help terrorists overthrow the government and murder its leader, Muammar Gaddafi. This resulted in a massive invasion of Europe by Africans, which is still ongoing today. Gaddafi kept the blacks at bay, and without him, they were able to storm Europe on boats.

2011 – Syria

The Obama Administration funded a terrorist uprising in Syria, the Islamic version of what the Trump Administration is currently doing in Hong Kong. This resulted in a massive flood of refugees into Europe, which peaked in 2015 when over two million Syrians, Pakistanis and Afghanis marched into the continent through Turkey.

2014 – The Ukraine

The Obama Administration funded costumed neo-Nazis and others to riot and overthrow the government in the Ukraine, paying them 50 euros per day to throw firebombs at the cops. This resulted in Vladimir Putin being forced to annex Crimea in order to protect his people and interests there, which resulted in the total collapse of relations between the West and Russia. This could ultimately escalate into a world war.

Moreover, the Ukrainian situation directly laid the groundwork for the Russiagate hoax and the destruction of Donald Trump’s presidency. That hoax was also used to support the Jewish campaigns of mass censorship on the internet.

Oppose It!

No one can really calculate what the backlash from a war with China would be, but I can guarantee you, it would be much worse than all of these combined.

Not a single one of these interventions has ever been good for you. These neocon operations are about strengthening the Jews and nothing else.

Unlike the successful Jewish operations I listed off above, the recent attempts to foment revolution and war in Venezuela and Iran failed. We want this attempt at war against Hong Kong to end up like the attempt at war against Venezuela and Iran – not like the ones against Libya and the Ukraine.

What I am coming to think is that the State Department perhaps realized that ideas from the far-right were filtering down to the normies, and may have played a role is preventing popular support for the wars in Venezuela and Iran, and that is why they are now using Joey Gibson, Pepe and aggressive shilling on 4chan and in my comments section to try to get people on board with the Hong Kong agenda.

The fact that the Jews are taking the time to push this shilling on us tells me that what we say about it does matter, so please: get out there and oppose it. Tell people that this is absolutely no different than any of these other Jewish wars, and that it is going to cost us bigly.