World of Wokecraft: Blizzard Urged to Abolish Racial Conflict in Video Game

You cast Black Privilege. You suffer 1488 damage from the Knee of Righteousness. You die.

World of Warcraft has come a long way since Anders Breivik, a noted Wow Guild Master on Silvermoon-EU, went on a massacre, killing 69 people to protest Moslem immigration. Amusingly, on Silvermoon, he was known as a “fascist GM” even before this because of the strict discipline he imposed on the members of his guild, Unit.

WoW has since got woke, with the game’s creator, Blizzard, introducing a tranny character in the forthcoming Shadowlands expansion.

But this is still not woke enough for some.

Blizzard is now being urged to abolish racial conflict in the game altogether, even though this has been the key driver of its storyline.


The massive worldwide Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd on May 25 have put a spotlight on racial injustice throughout the United States and elsewhere. Many changes, big and small, have come about as a result.

Now, more than ever before, it’s time to end WoW’s race war. It’s time to let factions be factions, not racial segregation. Let faction pride be pride in a set of beliefs, not prejudice. “For the Horde” and “For the Alliance” are the two opposing rallying cries of WoW. But when you think about it, are these cries really any different from shouting “white power” in America today?

You are espousing a subset of races as superior to others, as your “team.” You, as a character in Azeroth, are fighting for the dominance of those races over the “enemy” races. This never felt completely OK, and it’s becoming less and less OK as the years pass. This year in particular, it feels downright icky.

…Would it be weird to see humans hitting target dummies in Orgrimmar or Orcs shopping in Stormwind? Sure, at first, but no more so than any historical example of racial segregation: first it becomes routine, then people realize that’s the way it should have been all along.

I actually wondered whether this could be a parody, a sly satire on Wokeness perhaps. But no. It seems to be real.

We are living in crazy times. And they’re going to get crazier.