You are Now Seeing the Beginnings of the Normalization of Pedophilia

The transgender movement is a stage in a progression to remove all limits on sexual behavior, and this will include sex with children.

Up until now, while all sorts of sexual perversions have been running wild, sex with children has been a sacred cow, the single thing that is out of bounds. However, the guard rails around this were designed to break, and you’re now watching that happen.

Only a holy man can slaughter a sacred cow, and trannies have been made into a group of people who are totally above any form of sexual reproach. It is thus that the tranny phenomenon was designed as a pathway to the normalization of pedophilia.

We think of trannies generally as homosexuals. However, many of them are just general sexual weirdos.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that there are several different kinds of people who get sexually involved with children. The first kind, obviously, is homosexuals, who were themselves abused as children and that’s why they’re gay. They target boys exclusively. However, there are people who are just generally sexually deviant.

Do you remember that fat Jew from Subway who got caught having sex with kids?

Well, he was abusing both boys and girls. He talked in text messages about sodomizing a 9-year-old boy. You can read that whole story in Wikipedia. (By the way, I was just refreshing my memory on the Wikipedia page, and it turns out the FBI had been “investigating” him for eight {8} years before they arrested him. They had text messages and secret recordings of him talking about having sex with children for eight {8} years, and could have done a sting, or swooped him for the photos and video he had, and didn’t. Why did they eventually decide to? Probably, there was some other scandal in the media they were trying to cover up.)

This is to say: there are trannies who have a desire to abuse little girls, not just little boys.

There are a lot of people who want to have sex with kids, and they are now moving to normalize this.

Please Learn the Term “Paraphilia”

Here’s the basic thing to understand: there is one kind of sex that is normal, and that is a penis going in a vagina for the purpose of reproduction. If you have a sexual attraction to a child, it is no different than sexual attraction to another man, because it is non-reproductive sex. This is called “paraphilia.”

All of the following are defined as “paraphilia”:

  • Attraction to the same sex
  • Attraction to pre-pubescent children
  • Attraction to animals
  • Attraction to old women

Understand that for a long time, they prevented pedophilia specifically from being normalized because they needed some kind of boogieman to remain. They needed an object of disdain.

Thus Far

Understand that anything outside of a man and a woman having sex to reproduce is outside of God’s Law, and the goal of this society we live in is to take everything outside of God’s Law.

There is no specific reason why homosexuality was normalized before pedophilia, other than that it was easier in the progression of normalizing all the paraphilia to start with homosexuality.

Traditionally, most societies had child marriage. That meant that a man married a child, but waited until she had had her first menstruation, and showed signs of fertility (breasts and body hair) before having sex with her, which was called “consummating the marriage.” The general assumption was that the man wouldn’t have any desire to have sex with her before she was ready, because there would not be sexual attraction until she was ready.

In traditional Islam however, the legal age of sexual consent is 9 years old. That is to say, that is the specific age when a man is allowed to take the wife he married to bed and have sex with her. That is based on the astonishingly well-documented fact that Muhammed had sex with his favorite wife when she was 9. That is virtually always going to be before puberty, though I have heard Islamic scholars try to argue that Aisha had for whatever reason a really early puberty. Anyway, Islam institutionalized sex with 9-year-olds as a matter of course, while also throwing homosexuals off of roofs.

During the early period of sexual revolution, some places looked like they were going to normalize sex with prepubescent girls before sex with men. In Russia and Scandinavia and other places, they had movements to normalize heterosexual pedophilia before movements to normalize homosexuality. I’m not going to Google it, but either Sweden or Denmark was producing (heterosexual) child porn (prepubescent) up through the early 1990s.

During the homosexual movement in America during the 1980s and 1990s, the National Association of Man-Boy Love (NAMBLA) was mainstream in the homosexual movement. Prominent “beat” poet and Jew Alan Ginsberg was a member of NAMBLA, and yet is still celebrated as a hero by the left.

Several prominent homosexuals were angry that the movement accepted the conditions that it got, and thought that they should have kept pushing for acceptance of sex with children. The mainstream homosexuals were winking and saying “shhhh – just wait.”

There is an ongoing project to normalize all forms of deviancy. The most direct path to that however was to first normalize homosexuality using the ideological argument that it was “two consenting adults.” That argument was always nonsense, and it could be used to justify all kinds of things that we do not currently allow in our society, including cage matches to the death.

Consent Theory and the Confusing of the Language

This entire concept of “consent” was always nonsensical. As we saw with Harvey Weinstein, they are now saying that if you have sex with a woman and she appears to be into it but secretly in her mind she didn’t give you consent, it is rape.

The “age of consent” also does not make any sense. It’s usually 16. But there have been cases – many cases – where an older man had sex with a 16-year-old and it was ruled that the sex was legal, but he corrupted her by giving her alcohol. You can’t consent to drink alcohol until you’re 21. But you can consent to die in a war for Israel when you’re 18.

And now, of course, you have the big one: prepubescent children can now “consent” to taking hormone shots that mutilate their bodies. So if they can “consent” to that, why can’t they “consent” to sex?

“Consent” is a spook. No one can explain what it is. It is in theory “agreeing to something,” but then there are all of these ifs and ands.

Mentally ill people can’t “give consent.” This is accepted within consent theory. So, if you say a homosexual is mentally ill – which he obviously is – then how can he consent to sodomy? Homosexuality is obviously a mental illness, as it harms your body. These people get all kinds of diseases, which we know of, but do you know they have to wear buttplugs all the time because they lose control of their bowels? This is choosing to inflict harm on yourself and others in a pathological way, meaning it is the textbook definition of “mental illness.”

I have argued cogently that a woman should never be able to consent to anything, not simply because their decisions are so bad, but because they are psychologically incapable of accepting personal responsibility for their bad decisions. Remember that mother who killed her son recently? She blamed it on her boyfriend. Watch Hillary Clinton talk about the Benghazi scandal, or losing the election for that matter. All she does is go through a list of other people whose fault it was. Now think for a second: have you ever witnessed a woman, ever in your entire life, take personal responsibility for a bad decision they made? I’m talking about in your personal life. Just think about it for a few minutes, go through every horrible thing you’ve ever seen a woman do, and ask if you’ve ever seen one then say “this is my fault and I was wrong.”

Consent Theory is so absurd as an argument that I can fit all of my own views into it. You can fit anything into this argument by simply giving or removing consent based on arbitrary criteria.

The “consenting adults” argument was to introduce convoluted and confusing language to move things out of the realm of God’s Law into the realm of the arbitrary. Now, anything is possible.

Quietly, they’ve already normalized and in many cases legalized sex with animals, and incest, while you weren’t looking. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks has called for the legalization of bestiality in America, and openly fantasized about masturbating a horse. A Jewish professor was caught having sex with his (adult, biological) daughter, and there were apologetics written for him in various publications.

So now you’re looking at the beginning of the big push to normalize sex with children. They are starting it just like they did with homosexuality, saying that pedophilia is a disorder and we should have sympathy for the pedophiles. Recently, the government of Australia appeared to order the media to stop using the term “pedophile” as it was offensive to pedophiles. They said to use instead “minor-attracted person.”

That is of course a non-specific term. We’ve all been attracted before to girls who were under the age of 18, and thus a “minor.” It’s not as if some magic transformation happens as soon as you hit 18. You can’t tell the difference between a girl who is a day before 18 or a day after 18. Women begin to become sexually attractive to normal people when they begin to become fertile. That is just basic mammalian biology.

There is an age when sexuality comes to a human being, and it comes through a burst of sexual hormones, which cause the body to transform. Men’s penises get bigger and women grow breasts. They both get new patches of hair around their crotch and under their arms. Men start to grow hair on their faces. This is called “puberty” and it is what distinguishes, in nature, a child from an adult.

Obviously, a person’s mind is not fully formed when they enter puberty. The brain doesn’t finish developing until a person is 25, actually. I understand laws banning adults from having sex with teenagers. However, the point is this: no one should be having sex with anyone they’re not married to. The schools are teaching teenagers how to have sex. How’s this for logic – they do it because “they’re going to do it anyway and we want them to do it right.”

What they’ve done as well is confuse the term “pedophilia,” which used to mean “sexual attraction to prepubescent children” with the age of consent. Recently, a famous Minecraft autist on YouTube was called a “pedophile” for texting with a 16-year-old. Jeffrey Epstein was continually called a pedophile, even though all of the underage girls he was documented as having been involved with were above the legal age of consent in most states. What they should have been called is not “children,” but “underage prostitutes.” But the media wanted to focus on the girls who were somehow “victims” instead of focusing on the more obvious elephant in the room, that this was an Israeli spy running a blackmail ring in the United States.

It was a similar situation with the Catholic priest sex abuse scandal. That’s when they really started to confuse the term “pedophile.” Altar boys are teenagers. They are post-pubescent. Maybe some of them were at the line, but they are at the age when they get the rush of testosterone, which is called puberty, which is a mammal’s body telling him it’s time to become sexually active. But they surely didn’t want to call this priest abuse scandal a “homosexual scandal,” so they called it a “pedophile scandal.”

Obviously, the boys were still at an impressionable age, so there is some relevance to the fact of the age, but if these boys had been caught having sex with their high school girlfriends it wouldn’t have been called “abuse.” The bigger issue was that the priest was an authority figure, and the biggest issue is that a homosexual cult had infiltrated the Roman Church. It should have been rooted out, but instead they did what they did, and we ended up with “Pope” Francis, the Anal Pope.

Consent Theory and this removal of the ability to even use language to talk about pedophilia as paraphilia has allowed for so much confusion to take place that people don’t even know what exactly they’re talking about.

Slaughtering a Sacred Cow

Pedophilia was effectively normalized when they started with the child tranny movement. The child tranny movement did two things:

  • Institutionalized the idea that prepubescent children are sexual beings
  • Institutionalized the idea that they can give “consent” to actions relating to sexuality

From those two assumptions, you come to the place where this magic of consent is transferred to the child, and it is just a matter of playing it out.

They are doing that now.

It’s somewhat delicate, because for the last two decades, a pedophile was the worst thing on earth. What they did was make it so it was the only thing you were allowed to hate. That gave the accusation almost magical powers.

The reverse of that is that there is now a desire among heterosexual pornography addicts to normalize pedophilia, because pornography, like drugs, requires stronger and stronger doses to get the same high. Most people who get swooped on for child pornography have pictures of selfies that teenagers girls took of themselves. But the ones looking at actual child pornography are primarily not people with the mental illness of pedophilia, but pornography addicts who are looking for the next thing to get their dopamine flowing.

On top of that, society is just generally a mess.

So there is already virtually no resistance to normalizing pedophilia at this point. It is impossible to see how you could argue that having sex with a child is worse than injecting them with these hormones, and potentially mutilating their genitals.

But they’ve set up a plan of action, and they’re going to follow through with the plan of action. What they have done is create a class of people who are completely above any form of reproach. That is what a tranny is – you cannot ever question them. Then, these people who are above reproach go forth to slaughter the sacred cow that is “as long as there are no kids involved.”

The child tranny Desmond is Amazing danced at a gay nightclub as adult homosexual men threw dollar bills at him all the way back in 2018. He was at the time 11 years old, and clearly hairless (prepubescent).

So man-boy love is basically already institutionalized.

Then we come to the girls.

Alok Vaid-Menon is an Indian-Malaysian-American public tranny personality.

It was recently brought to the attention of the people that he’d written the following on Facebook in 2016:

These days the narrative is that freaky transgender people (or as they say “crossdressers) will come into your bathrooms and abuse innocent little girls. … I believe in the radical notion that little girls, like the rest of us, are complicated people. There are no fairy tales and no princesses here. … Your kids aren’t as straight and narrow as you think they are.

He went on to write that The Exorcist should be a model for positively raising children.

This is the full post:

Part of this quote was posted on Twitter this week by a prominent anti-tranny feminist, who was going through and posting things that trannies have said about women and girls to attempt to show their hostility to them.

This is obviously and without question saying “yes, we will abuse your daughters in the bathroom, but that’s good.”

According to National File, the response to this statement was negative in 2016, and Vaid-Menon deleted the post and apologized, but he has since deleted his apology.

Lauren Witzke then retweeted the tweet, simply with the word “demonic” as commentary.

She was then banned from Twitter for “hateful conduct.”

The censors didn’t look at the content of the post, they simply have a rule that you are never allowed to criticize trannies.

What is interesting is how little attention this is getting. Other than National File and RT, virtually no one has reported on it. Vaid-Menon has not come out and made a statement on it. He hasn’t made a statement because he doesn’t have to. He’s not only a tranny, but he’s a brown person. He doesn’t ever have to do anything. He can do whatever he wants, up to and including getting kinky with little girls in the bathroom.

You’re seeing everything unfolding now. All of this stuff that this site was started in 2013 to warn you about is now happening. They are normalizing pedophilia, and you will live to see that. The coronavirus mania has created a blank slate that they can fill in with whatever they want, and they want to have sex with kids.

What they’re going to do is say that children have a right to “explore their sexuality,” and they’re going to bring in tranny “experts” to molest them. We’ve already seen the seeds of this with the trannies who do “tranny story time” groping the children. But they will formalize sexual acts with children as a type of “education.”

In the EU, still living French left “green” politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit (who is Jewish) was running kindergartens where he would teach little kids how to jack him off up through the 1980s. He wrote books defending it.

This was always part of the agenda.

They’re going to start doing this in schools, probably pretty soon.