Zelensky Demands Americans Pay for Early Elections

Zelensky wants early elections because he’s shortly going to be unable to win elections, it seems.

This is another sign that the war could be wrapping early. The US wants Zelensky to remain in power post-war for whatever scams they are planning on running in the aftermath of the war – basically sending in private firms to seize all of the former territory of the Ukraine’s remaining assets.

If he’s elected while still a “war hero,” he can stay in power for a couple of years while the US is doing their projects.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, responding to calls by a US senator this week to announce elections in 2024, said on Sunday voting could take place during wartime if partners shared the cost, legislators approved, and everyone got to the polls.

Elections cannot currently be held in Ukraine under martial law, which must be extended every 90 days and is next due to expire on Nov. 15, after the normal date in October for parliamentary polls but before presidential elections which would normally be held in March 2024.

Top American legislators visited Kyiv Aug. 23, among them Senator Lindsey Graham, who heaped praise on Kyiv’s fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin but said the country needed to show it was different by holding elections in wartime.

Zelenskiy, in a television interview with Natalia Moseichuk, an anchor for the 1+1 Channel, said he had discussed the issue with Graham, including the question of funding and the need to change the law.

I gave Lindsey a very simple answer very quickly,” he said. “He was very pleased with it. As long as our legislators are willing to do it.”

He said it cost 5 billion hryvnia ($135 million) to hold elections in peacetime. “I don’t know how much is needed in wartime,” he said. “So I told him that if the US and Europe provide financial support …”

Ukraine would also need help setting up additional voting access for millions of people overseas, especially from the European Union, he said.

I don’t know why Lindsey Graham would be involved in the early election scheme, given that he’s the main spokesperson for World War Anus. Maybe he doesn’t know the plan, or there is some other reason you would want to do this, or something else is going on.

Regardless, the most obvious reason for early elections would be concern that in the future, Zelensky can’t win elections. I guess if you wanted to continue the war, you might want a mandate for Zelensky so people are less likely to rise up.

The other thing about these elections is that at least 40% and maybe even more than 50% of the population is no longer in the country, which means it is a lot of mail-in voting, which means it can easily be hoaxed. It could probably be totally hoaxed regardless, as it is taking place under martial law and Zelensky currently has a total stranglehold on the population (elections are typically harder to hoax in Eastern Europe, given that they use normal paper ballots are are conducted by regional authorities; there are no more regional authorities in the Ukraine).

Now that we’ve got all of this talk of coronavirus, it does seem likely that we’re going to witness an end of the war and the dawn of a new phase of the global narrative.

Of course, “people” (Jews) in Washington are still demanding NATO be sent in to directly “confront Russia.” They are selling it as “just Poland and Romania” so it will not be “US boots on the ground.” Probably, most of the American public will go along with this if there is some type of provocation event staged – a fake Russian attack on Poland, most likely.

The entire stupid fake war always came down to whether or not NATO would get involved beyond sending weapons and training. From the start, that was the only real question. Right now, it seems more likely than not that they won’t.

But basically, Washington is a total mess, no one is really in charge, and the State Department could just launch the provocation without anyone’s approval, even while the rest of the people in Washington believe it is winding down.

This chaos and lack of management in Washington just makes it totally impossible to look at the players involved and the way things are going and then make accurate predictions about the future. There is no way to know what is going to happen next, because the people supposedly in charge don’t even know what is going to happen next.

It’s safe to say at this point that the majority of powerful people in Washington expect the war to end sooner rather than later.

Zelensky himself is also talking constantly about how the US is abandoning him.