14-Year-Old F-to-M Runs Away from Home and Gets “Sex Trafficked,” Gets Stolen from Family by State

Probably it’s worth noting that this girl is being raised by her grandmother.

These kids have a lot of problems when they are rejected by their mothers.

New York Post:

A Virginia high school student ran away from home and was sex-trafficked through multiple states — in part because her high school failed to tell the child’s parents she identified as a male and was relentlessly bullied for it, a suit alleges.

“They stole my right to protect my daughter,” grandmother and adoptive mother Michele Blair told the Washington Examiner of Sage, now 16.

Michele Blair

Sage — who had a troubled childhood and suffered mental health issues — started attending Appomattox County High School aged 14 on Aug. 10, 2021 where she began identifying as a male, going by male pronouns and a male name and using the male restrooms, according to a lawsuit filed by Michele in Virginia federal court last month.

But despite school staffers being actively involved in Sage’s desire to become a boy and knowing about the repeated bullying she suffered, they “deliberately concealed” the gender change and didn’t get her parents involved until it was too late and Sage ran away. She then ended up being raped by multiple men for months in four different states, the suit claims.



Sage Blair without gender confusion

Sage Blair roleplaying as an imaginary boy named Draco

I don’t think the men “raping” her (in her vagina) respected the fact that she’d transformed into a boy, huh?

Sage was “abducted and raped by an adult male stranger” who then brought her to Washington DC leaving her with two other men who also drugged and raped her, the suit claims.

Those two men then drove her to Maryland leaving her with a registered sex offender who kept her locked in a room after raping her and sex-trafficking her out to others, the suit claims.

Sage was finally rescued by federal authorities in Baltimore where the “nightmare should have ended,” Blair’s lawyer Vernadette Broyles told the Washington Examiner.

But the state took custody of Sage after Baltimore public defender Aneesa Khan claimed the parents were not “sufficiently affirming” of Sage’s new gender identity, the suit claims.

This is just normal, by the way. The state is taking untold numbers of kids from their parents (or grandparents) to turn them into trannies.

I remember Anglin writing in 2020 that this would start happening, and there were people who laughed and said he was being alarmist/extremist.

Well: now it’s just normal and happening every day.

Sage was housed at a juvenile facility for boys “where she was again sexually assaulted, exposed to drugs, and denied medical and mental health care,” the suit alleges.

Sage fled that facility on Nov. 12, 2021 and was picked up by another pedophile who took her to Texas “where she was again raped, drugged, starved and tortured,” the suit claims.


That’s rough.

For the record: I don’t believe these “innocent girl victim constantly being raped everywhere she goes” claims at all. It’s like the reverse of the classic meme:

“Wherever I am, I must also get raped.” (It kinda feels like I need to edit that meme with her “boy” face, but I won’t.)

But clearly, this girl has very serious problems and needs to be protected from these decisions she’s making.

Finally, Sage was returned to Michele after authorities rescued her in Texas on Jan. 24, 2022, the court papers claim.

As a result of what happened to her, Sage has been diagnosed with Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder “for which she will likely need therapy for the rest of her life,” the suit says, noting the teen has been in in-patient and outpatient therapies since she returned home.


This is all really on the state.

Originally, it’s on her mother, but this thing of mothers disappearing and grandmothers raising kids has happened on some scale since forever, and it never turned out like this until the state decided it was going to start doing all these sorts of interventions to turn kids into trannies (or “trans” – I don’t know what you call an f-to-m tranny).

I think the fact that this woman was having sex with her vagina with men all over the country brings this whole “trans” thing into question.

Not that we needed it questioned.

The most important thing here is not even the schools secretly turning the kids tranny, but the fact that they now have the ability to simply take your kids from you if you don’t like it. This is really beyond the pale, and it’s one of these things that just creeped in. Most people are still unaware it is happening, and won’t be aware of it for probably another 2-3 years, when it is a totally standard operating procedure.