22-Year-Old Rapper Throws Baby Shower for Five Women He Got Pregnant at the Same Time

They’re not all black, but none of them is white.

Meanwhile, white men can’t get a girlfriend.

According to a Pew Survey last year, 60% of men under 30 are single.

White men are not really having sex at all.


Popular TikToker Zeddy Will is making babies, one after the other.

On Jan. 14, the 22-year-old rapper hosted an interesting baby shower, which featured all five of his baby mamas.

A video is making its rounds on social media, showing the “Cha Cha” lyricist at the event, where he posed with all the pregnant women, including recording artist Lizzy Ashliegh.

“When your baby daddy got 4 other girls pregnant at the same time!” Ashliegh said in an Instagram post. “We decided to have a baby shower on the same day!”

She also pointed out that there was no bad blood between her and the other baby mamas: Bonnie B, Kay Merie, Jylene Vila, and Iyanla Kalifa Galletti, Complex reported.

“We can’t change the fact that he’s our baby daddy and everything happens for a reason,” she wrote in a TikTok. “We’ve decided to work together and our families are supportive of our decision! We’ve accepted each other. It’s better for the little ones.”

Zeddy‘s co-manager Shawn Prez released a statement defending the polyamorous lifestyle.

“Society has shifted, and in turn so has modern relationship dynamics,” he said. “The essence lies in redefining relationships personally, breaking away from the one-size-fits-all approach and societal pressures to conform. Individuals should be allowed to craft relationships that align with their values, desires, boundaries, and aspirations. … Nick Cannon serves as a notable example of successful polyamory, highlighting that the definition of a relationship is a personal choice.”

The kids produced from this relationship will likely have the same propensity for reproduction as their father.

Whites are committing racial suicide by allowing feminism to continue.

Women will blame the lack of children on external factors, such as “the economy” (false construct), but each of us bears witness to the obvious fact that they simply enjoy slutting it up, play they phone, eat hot chip.

But it is environmental circumstance that causes the behavior in women.

The government provides these whores with money, jobs, cops, abortions, anti-depressants, Xanax, $9 white wine – everything they need to not be married.

The social incentives for marriage have all been totally abolished by the media system.

The only way the situation can be fixed, therefore, is if the government stops providing these things, and women are forced, by circumstance, to get married in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Anyone who tells you something different is stupid, delusional, or lying.

I’m the only one who will ever tell you the truth about women.

If you are not some significant combination of:

  • Ultra-handsome (not enough on its own)
  • Ultra-rich (maybe enough on its own)
  • Famous (enough on its own)
  • A known murderer or other serious criminal (definitely enough on its own)

There is no reason to even think about trying to marry and have children in the United States (or most of the rest of the West). It is simply not possible.

Well, if you’re willing to go through the divorce, it actually probably is possible, but you still need a fair amount of money, and you’re going to have to deal with women over the age of 25.