Slutwatch: Arkansas Teacher Pleads Guilty to Having Sex with Student Up to 30 Times

Heather Hare, 33

With as many of these women as we catch, we have to assume that they are all doing it.

This is an epidemic.

We have to get women out of public life, and we have to do it quickly.

If I was president, I would bring in Taliban advisors to oversee the project of restricting women’s rights and getting these whores under control.

New York Post:

An Arkansas teacher once surprised on national TV by adoring students has pleaded guilty to having sex with a high school boy up to 30 times.

Married mom Heather Hare, 33, first made headlines in 2020 when she was surprised on ”Good Morning America” by students bidding her goodbye as her home economics class was discontinued for distance learning during the pandemic.

She now potentially faces life behind bars after pleading guilty Monday to transporting a minor across state lines for unlawful sexual activity, prosecutors said.

The once-beloved teacher was arrested last April when a 17-year-old student came forward to report her repeated abuse, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette also reported.

The boy — identified only as “J.R.” — told police that he met Hare on the first day of his senior year at Bryant High School in the fall of 2021, Assistant US Attorney John Ray White told the court hearing.

“Hare began one-on-one counseling sessions with the minor victim, eventually giving him her personal phone number and primarily communicating with him through Instagram and Snapchat,” the prosecutor’s office said.

“At one point, Ms. Hare told J.R. that she had a dream of them having sex,” White said.

“The minor victim and Hare had sex approximately 20 to 30 times throughout the 2021-2022 school term, including multiple times at her Conway residence, in her vehicle, and in her classroom and parking lots at Bryant High School.”

It included sex during an April 2022 school trip to Washington, DC, when Hare took J.R. and three female students for a national LifeSmarts competition tied to her Family Consumer Sciences course.

“J.R. advised they planned to have sex on the trip and not have to worry about being caught,” White said. “Hare did come to his hotel room and the two engaged in sex.”

The now-former teacher broke down in court as she was asked if everything the prosecutor detailed was “100% accurate.”

Yes, sir,” she replied, sobbing softly before confirming she pleaded “guilty.”

Again, I must say: it is probably unfair to women to put them in jail for doing this.

Firstly, it’s not that big of a deal.

Secondly, what did anyone expect?

This is like leaving a steak on the floor and then beating your dog for eating it.

These whores simply cannot help themselves.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.