26-Year-Old Woman Dies Suddenly During Family Dinner

Dani Duchatel, 26

This has always happened.

Shut up.

New York Post:

A young Australian woman who had “plans to travel the world” has “tragically and suddenly” died in front of her parents during a family dinner.

Dani Duchatel, 26, went into cardiac arrest just after 10 p.m. May 21 while having dinner and playing cards with her parents at their home in Moreton Bay, Brisbane.

The government worker had recently broken her leg and was staying with her parents while recovering from surgery.

Doctors believe that due to the surgery, a blood clot had formed and caused a pulmonary embolism, although they are still awaiting autopsy results.

Her mother, Kay Duchatel, attempted CPR but Daniella could not be saved.

Earlier this year, Daniella announced she had finally managed to purchase her first apartment.

“After months of stress and excitement and confusion I am finally a homeowner!” she wrote on Facebook in January. “Settlement of my very own apartment has been completed and I am so excited and nervous to start this new chapter!”

We do have to admit this is only happening to the vaccinated.

However, that is a total coincidence.