30-Year-Old Internet Bodybuilder Dies from Brain Aneurysm

This gentleman had very fine taste in sluts

Did 30-year-olds used to die from aneurysms?

I forget.

Daily Beast:

The girlfriend of German bodybuilder and YouTube star Jo Lindner says he tragically died in her arms at the age of 30 after a sudden aneurysm.

Lindner’s girlfriend Nicha posted on Instagram that they had been cuddling after he had just given her a custom necklace with her name on it when he had the aneurysm. “

Lindner, known online as “Joesthetics”, gained fame through his bodybuilding routines online.

I don’t think 30-year-olds used to die from brain aneurysms.

I am pretty sure something happened to change things from “30-year-olds don’t die from brain aneurysms” to “30-year-olds do die from brain aneurysms.”

I have no idea what could have caused this change, but it must have been something.