Germany: Small Town Manages Shocking Victory Against Planned Invader Camp

I’m hesitant to believe this is even really happening.

Of course, the pro-invader whores will be back the next day pushing for the same thing.

There is no long-term victory short of total revolution.


After a government plan to build a refugee home in Oeventrop in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia collapsed, more than 750 local citizens attending the meeting burst into raucous applause, underlining the growing German backlash against mass immigration.

The citizens’ meeting on Monday took a sensational turn when the owner of the monastery in the village slated to be turned into a refugee center for 450 migrants spontaneously withdrew his offer to house the foreigners. The property, which belongs to Christoph Kraas, would have been called the “Central Accommodation Facility for Refugees” (ZUE).

Over 750 locals filled the sports hall in the constituency of Oeventrop, which belongs to the city of Arnsberg. The location is notable as it is where the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) head, Friedrich Merz, held his last seat before taking up the helm of the party. Outside, the event was broadcast to another additional 150 residents.

Mass cheers erupted when Kraas said he would not allow the government to turn his property into a refugee home.

The people of the city had expressed their fears about crime and sexual assaults had the refugee home been built, while local politicians had tried to tell residents that such fears would not become a reality if the refugee home was built. The politicians were met with boos, and residents referred to crimes in neighboring districts where refugee homes were already in place. As Remix News previously reported just this year, crime has soared in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with the category of “murder and manslaughter,” for example, increasing by 23.4 percent to 380 cases.

The crime data highlights the disproportionate amount of crimes committed by offenders without a German passport, which make up approximately 14.2 percent of the NRW population. This group is responsible for 32.1 percent of all attempted murders and murders in NRW, while in the area of manslaughter, they are responsible for 41.9 percent.

Government fails to convince the publicGovernment representatives resorted to long speeches to try to convince the people of Oeventrop that the refugee home in their area was necessary. After they were done speaking, residents were only allowed an hour to ask questions.

Once it became clear residents were firmly opposed to the home, according to, Kraas stated: “But one thing is certain, I keep what I promise, without your consent, I will not give my approval for a ZUE (refugee homes).”

While at the podium, Kraas asked the government representatives what would happen if he withdrew his consent, and they said they would continue looking in Arnsberg for a new location. He then spontaneously walked to the microphone, and said simply: “I hereby withdraw my offer.”

The entire sports hall then burst into a standing ovation and cheers. The government representatives stood up, put on their coats, and left the event without further discussion.

Everyone has seen the face of this immigration agenda, and the only people who support it at this point are women who want to be gang-raped, and whatever portion of the population is so susceptible to government/media propaganda that they will support literally anything.

I mean.

They sold this to people in 2015, claiming these people were all going to be doctors and scientists. Instead, they ended up being whiny street beggars who will push random women down stairs for literally no reason other than that they think it is funny to see a woman fall down stairs.

Poor bastards are missing out on a lot