48% of Americans Believe They’ll Live to See Cow Farts Burn Entire Planet

I live in constant fear of cow farts destroying the earth.

It’s a conundrum for me, because I love the smell of cow farts.

New York Post:

Half of Americans believe climate change will devastate the earth during their lifetime, according to new research.

The survey of 5,000 Americans, split evenly by state, revealed that 48% of all respondents believe they’ll live to see climate change destroy the planet.

Respondents in Hawaii were the most likely to agree (66%), with Vermont (59%) and New Mexico (56%) rounding out the top three states most concerned about the effect of climate change in their lifetime.

Washington (55%) and Minnesota (54%) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Commissioned by Avocado Green Mattress and conducted by Talker Research, the survey also asked respondents if they believe climate change will have a greater impact on their state, versus other states.

Hawaiians were again the most concerned, with 61% believing climate change will be worse for their state than others — this time, followed by Alaskans (55%) and Californians (54%).

Those in Louisiana (53%) and New York (49%) were also concerned about the impact on their state.

Regardless of where they live, 65% of respondents wish they could do more to be environmentally conscious in their day-to-day lives.

If you keep saying something enough times, about half of people will believe it.

If you include women.

Any poll really needs to have both men and women separated, because women will believe anything.

There are a percentage of men who have become like women, and then there are women who have strong men in their lives who they follow, so it’s not 1-to-1. But overall, when you hear “48% of Americans believe in [whatever retarded nonsense],” you’re basically just talking about women.