Tornado Rapes Iowa Wind Turbines (Just Bury Them in Landfills to Further Poison the Groundwater)

These wind turbines are poisoning the earth with rare earth minerals. It’s going into all of our water.

They are ugly and they don’t work and they can’t sustain normal weather.

New York Times:

The footage from southwest Iowa is shocking: In the trail of a tornado, a wind turbine is bent in half like a cheap straw, its hub engulfed in flames and thick black smoke, its blades on the ground.

“You’re seeing multiple of these big wind turbine towers that have been destroyed,” Zane Satre, a meteorologist for KCCI 8 News in Des Moines, told viewers. “These are big tall ones — I think they’re what, like 250 feet tall? Well that tornado took them out.”

The earth cannot sustain this green energy agenda. They are poisoning the entire planet.

We are all just going to be chemical mutants if this doesn’t get turned around.

Global warmers hate art, they hate roads, they hate birds, and they’re trying to poison the entire world.

They hate Indonesia and orangutans.

There is no safe way to extract rare earth minerals and there is no safe way to dispose of them. These windmills are constantly being destroyed, and the only solution is to bury them in landfills where they leech the poison into the water a second time (the first time being when they were built).

The warmers must be stopped.