51 Million People Living in America Were Born in Another Country

This isn’t the real number.

There is no way that with 2 million “legal” immigrants a year, and millions of illegals, that it’s only 51 million foreign born. There are at least that many from each category.

The Biden people have let in over 15 million and maybe over 20 million.

New York Post:

The immigrant population has exploded by an unprecedented 6.4 million under President Biden amid the migrant crisis — an increase four times higher than under former President Donald Trump,  a new study reveals.

Overall, a record-shattering 51 million people living in the United States were born in another country, a surge triggered by the millions of migrants crossing the border, the report by the Center for Immigration Studies found.

Were they paid by Biden to give these fake numbers?

“We’ve never seen anything like this before over a three-year period of time. All prior records have been surpassed,” said Steven Camarota, the research director for CIS and author of the analysis.

The report also said that in February 2024, the foreign-born population in the United States hit a new high of 51.4 million and now accounts for 15.5% — surpassing all prior records.

Well, obviously as a basic matter of math, every new number is going to surpass all prior records (at least until the first generation starts dying). They don’t leave and they just keep coming.

The foreign-born share of the US population has more than tripled since 1970, nearly doubled since 1990, and is up 40 percent just since 2000.

Growth in the foreign-born population is being driven primarily by immigration from Latin America, which has grown 4.2 million since January 2021.

At 172,000 new immigrants arriving per month, the average increase in the foreign-born under President Biden is four times the 42,000 average monthly increase under former President Donald Trump before COVID-19 hit and double the 68,000 average under former President Barack Obama, when Biden was vice president.

While a large share of the recent growth in the foreign-born population is due to illegal immigration, legal immigrants still account for roughly three-fourths of the total foreign-born population, according to the report.

Yeah, see.

They also don’t include the “visa overstay” immigrants in any of these numbers. Those are legals who turn illegal, but the government just assumes all or most of them left.

“The scale of immigration is so high that it appears to have made the Census Bureau population projections, published in November of last year, obsolete. The bureau projected that the foreign-born share would not reach 15.5 percent until 2039,” the report said.

In February, the 31 million immigrant workers accounted for nearly 20% of all workers — both new record highs.

Yeah, and the same people calling them in are also calling for corporations to be forced by the state to raise wages.

It’s lunacy.

It’s all just nonsense.

No one will explain anything, they just call you names.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this report.