60%+ of Americans Could be Exposed to Toxic Chemicals Through Tap Water, EPA Finds

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No one should be drinking tap water.

It’s actually insane.

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The Guardian:

About 70 million people are exposed to toxic PFAS “forever chemicals” in US drinking water, new testing from the Environmental Protection Agency has found.

But the testing completed to date has only checked about one-third of the nation’s public water systems, meaning the agency is on pace to find over 200 million people are exposed, or at least 60% of the US population.

The figure does not include private wells, and the federal government previously estimated about 8 million people who draw water from those are exposed to PFAS.

The EPA’s continuing testing is the first comprehensive nationwide assessment aimed at understanding the scale of PFAS contamination in US drinking water. So far, the government figures match up with independent estimates that found about 200 million people drink tainted water, and the widespread contamination cuts across geographic and socioeconomic boundaries.

The chemicals are linked to cancer, birth defects, liver disease, thyroid problems, decreased immunity, hormone disruption and a range of other serious health issues. PFAS are dubbed “forever chemicals” because they do not naturally break down, and they also easily move through the environment, often ending up in drinking water.

The entire environment is poisoned. Everything is poisoned. The government will not regulate it. The government claims that these corporations have a right to put these chemicals in your body.

That’s the same government that claims you don’t have a right to access uncensored AI, and if someone tries to release an uncensored AI, they will regulate it.

It’s just retarded to even talk about government policy at this point.

Nothing is going to change until the empire falls.

The best you can do is try to keep these chemicals out of your body, so you don’t become fat, gay, and retarded.

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