$70 Million “Islamic Boarding School” (Read: Terrorist Training Camp) to be Built in Rural Australia

Daily Stormer
November 21, 2014

Not anymore it isn't.
Not anymore it isn’t.

A $70 million private Muslim boarding school designed for 1200 boys is going to be built in the rural Australian town of Mareeba.

The town has a population of only 7,000, meaning with the staff, the school population will make up about a third of the town. It will be perfect for training little terrorists to overthrow the Australian government, rape all the women and kill the infidels when the time comes.

Cairns Post:

Spokesman Brenton Gibbs said it would be Standard Bearers Academy Holdings’ first school in Australia and, while it shared the same name as others in India and South Africa, it was not linked.

It will be financed by local and international donors as well as state and federal government funding.

“The new non-profit school will be called the Standard Bearers Academy on account of its mission to educate the leaders of tomorrow to uphold the highest ethical and moral standards,’’ a company statement said.

“Standard Bearers Academy will provide a broad-based education infused with an Islamic world view in an inclusive faith-centred environment for up to 1200 boys at a time from around Australia.”

The academy will follow the Australian National Curriculum with Year 5-12 students progressing to a Queensland Certificate of Education. Also offered will be the prestigious International Baccalaureate Diploma program.

Islamic subjects will be offered in after-school pastoral care programs for those boarders from an Islamic faith background. Mr Gibbs would not name those behind the school except to say they were “respected educationalists from around Australia from diverse backgrounds”.

“We will be in a position to announce the make-up of the governing council and board of directors in the near future,” he said. “The school principal should also be named shortly.’’

He said the academy, on nearly 40ha of land at Tinaroo Creek Rd, would be a first class educational institution with a particular focus on farming technology and rural activities.

“Mareeba has been selected partly because of its inspiring natural beauty and also because it provides an ideal location for the agricultural training, sporting and equestrian activities we intend to offer our students,’’ Mr Gibbs said.

The “Standard Bearers Academy” claims that though it is Islamic in nature, it will be open to children of all faiths. Though the idea of a Christian or Atheist parent sending their child to a boarding school to be indoctrinated into the Islamic religion is clearly idiotic, and the intent is obviously to have a Muslim indoctrination stronghold outside of prying eyes.

What they are doing there won’t ever be investigated, because that would be racist.

These terrorists couldn't have picked a better place for a training camp.
These terrorists couldn’t have picked a better place for a training camp.