British Now Saying the Ukrainians are Going to Have to Leave

You would have thought the British could use the skinny women.

But I guess they’re getting sick of these savages screaming on the street and making a mess even worse than the Pakis.


More than half of the Ukrainians who went to Britain on a refugee resettlement scheme will have to leave by September 2025 unless the government acts now to give them long-term “clarity,” several Conservative members of Parliament and NGOs said on Wednesday.

An estimated 182,100 Ukrainians have arrived in the UK since February 2022, using the Ukraine Family Scheme and Homes for Ukraine, set up to allow them a three-year stay. With no end in sight to the conflict and most of those displaced unwilling to return, parliamentarians are urging Rishi Sunak’s government to do something, the Daily Telegraph reported.

“With some having kids in school, we need to be able to allow them to plan,” said Bob Seely, a Tory MP who co-chairs the all-party parliamentary group on Ukraine, urging 10 Downing Street to give the Ukrainians “important clarity.”

Sir Robert Buckland, who was justice secretary in Boris Johnson’s cabinet, urged granting Ukrainians a more permanent status. He said the “bespoke” schemes created for a “particularly urgent and unprecedented situation” required a “further bespoke response.”

Buckland said there could be some kind of arrangement with a “higher degree of certainty” that stops short of full citizenship.

A survey by the Office for National Statistics in July showed that about half of Ukrainian adults intended to remain UK residents even if it becomes safe to go back, matching the sentiments of their compatriots currently in Germany.

I don’t even think that is a real number at all.

No Ukrainians want to live in the Ukraine.

Half of the country wants to be annexed by Russia, and the other half wants to go live on welfare and do hooking in Western Europe.

Although, I feel I have to note: despite my low opinion of the so-called “Ukraine people” (fake concept), they are white. We can’t really argue that point.

So it is certainly notable that the only “refugees” the UK is discussing deporting are the whites.

It’s not really surprising in any way, or anything other than obvious.

But it is a worthy note: in two generations, the Ukrainian women would marry cockneys or whatever other group of football hooligans in the UK, while the men would find some skanks to shack up with, and the language would quickly be forgotten. If you did a renaming scheme – which I think the Ukies would be fine with – you’d effectively just have a larger white British working class.

Meanwhile, the “refugees” the British want are a revolutionary Islamic jihadi force attempting to conquer the country.