9-Year-Old Boy’s Dick Temporarily Saved After Mother Withdraws Petition for Total Control Over Genital Mutilation

Who knew that in 2021, we would be fighting a war for boys not to have their penises cut off?

Life Site News:

A hearing was held today in the ongoing tug of war between the divorced parents of James Younger, the nine-year old Texas boy whose mom refers to him as a girl named “Luna,” but whose dad wants to protect from “gender transitioning.”

James’ father, Jeffrey Younger, spoke out about his legal battle on behalf of his son earlier this week, telling LifeSiteNews’ John-Henry Westen that he was preparing for the possibility of going to jail for disregarding a court gag order.

The specter of jail time was eliminated early in today’s proceeding. Jeffrey Younger’s expressed concern about his ex-wife’s quest for one hundred percent control over all medical decisions for his son was also alleviated.   

James’ mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas, had originally petitioned the court to grant her unilateral rights to make decisions regarding “gender-affirming” surgical procedures for James, but amended that request Friday evening, just hours before this morning’s hearing. 

Demons only have horns in video games. In real life, they have vaginas.

“This litigation has been going on for six years, ever since the divorce proceeding was filed,” said Younger’s attorney, Connor Nash.  “Mom has always been the petitioner, has always been the aggressor.” “Not only does this constant litigation harm the kids, it harms [both] parties and the resources they can spend on their kids,” said Nash.

“So today, mom is trying to take exclusive control over the medical, dental, surgical, psychiatric, psychological, and educational decisions for the children,” explained Nash.  “Dad, for obvious reasons, wants to have a say in this,” he continued, “especially when one of the children is demonstrating some kind of gender issue.”

Nash noted that although James’ mom’s attorney opened by stating that today’s proceeding is not about the gender issue, he disagreed vehemently.

“It’s entirely about the gender issue,” declared Nash, “because that’s how the counseling argument got started.  One counselor was seeing the kid as a different gender than how the kid presents at the dad’s house, so he stopped participating in the counseling and he had a substantial and compelling reason for doing so.”

“He wanted to protect his kids,” added Nash.

At the close of the 4-hour hearing, Judge Mary Brown of the 301st Judicial District Court in Dallas, Texas, said that she continues to expect both parties to follow the “roadmap” provided in an extremely detailed 26-page order given to both parties on January 29, 2020.

Brown will issue her decision(s) concerning today’s hearing at a yet-to-be-disclosed future date.

This case is a landmark case on a father’s rights regarding a woman cutting his son’s penis off.

What that implies is that the father is going to lose.

But, you know – fingers crossed.