Mexican President Says Texas’ Floating Barrier is Inhumane After Corpses Found in Rio Grande

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Mexico’s President Andres Manuel López Obrador has condemned Texas’s anti-migrant buoys, calling the border enforcement tactic on the Rio Grande river “inhumane” after bodies were found in the waters that flow along the US-Mexico border.

“No one should be treated like this. That kind of treatment does not come from a good person; only by being good can we be happy,” Lopez Obrador said at his daily press briefing on Thursday.

Abbott shouldn’t act like that; it’s inhumane,” he also said, directly attacking Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who has touted the new barrier as a protective measure for his state and previously refused to remove it.

Two bodies were found in separate incidents by United States and Mexican officials in the Rio Grande river, according to Mexico’s foreign ministry on Wednesday.

One body was found stuck in the southern section of the buoys, and another body was found five miles upstream. Both were recovered by a rescue group from Mexico’s National Institute of Migration.

It is unclear what caused their deaths, though Texas officials have said that they suspect that the person found caught in the floating barrier had died upstream.

The floating barrier, which is intended to block migrants crossing from Mexico, was installed last month without federal authorization, according to the US Justice Department, which is suing the state of Texas over its use of the buoys.

An internal email written by a Texas trooper-medic and shared with CNN last month said medics in Eagle Pass were ordered to push people back into the water, and described seeing a boy struggle “while he tried to cross a more dangerous part of the river away from the buoys,” as well as a mother and two children who drowned while trying to cross the river in an area without wire.

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