About 50 Goblins Attack Border Patrol! Agents Respond with Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
July 21, 2019


Goblin squads are attacking!

Fox News:

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents had to use tear gas and pepper spray early Saturday to stop nearly 50 “undocumented individuals” from illegally entering the U.S. after they stormed a port of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas, officials said.

The incident at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge took place at around 4 a.m. The bridge is closed between midnight at 6 a.m., but CBP has had to construct temporary barriers in the middle of the span due to the large influx of migrants using the bridge at night.

A CBP official told Fox News the group attempted to rush across the bridge in three waves.

Foreigners pushing their way into the country and forcing Border Patrol to engage them is somehow not an act of war due to a neat little thing called HUMAN RIGHTS.

Really, how is this not an invasion? Americans should be using bullets for the defense, not tear gas.

Ignoring commands to stop, the group suddenly rushed the temporary barricades, bent metal poles and disabled the concertina wire affixed to the barrier,” the official said.

Several males in the group disregarded commands to stop and physically pushed through the barriers,” the official said. “When confronted by CBP officers, the combative individuals began assaulting the officers by punching, kicking, and attempting to grab the officers’ protective devices.”

That’s even worse! It’s an invading force literally attacking Americans in an attempt to gain access to their land.

They’re not just attacking a fence — what they did is a direct physical attack on Americans.

If that is not reason enough for the military to retaliate, then what is?

The Mexican government announced plans this week to spend millions of dollars to improve migrant shelters and detention centers that house families, but in southern Mexico, far from the U.S. border.

Despite that being funny due to Mexico’s historical abuse of the United States’ civility, Mexicans should strongly oppose wasting money on these hordes of freeloaders.

With all of Mexico’s problems, that money would be better spent on Mexicans, for starters. The trend of countries having to burn millions of dollars just because foreigners decide to visit has to end — even if the countries affected by it kind of deserve it. We don’t want the standard to be set.

We want these invaders OUT of our lands and FAR AWAY from us.

Letting them accumulate near the border while they wait for their asylum hearings is a mistake. As their numbers increase and their impatience produces episodes like this one, they’ll become more and more dangerous.

What if 2,000 attacked the bridge instead of 50?

What if 5,000 rushed through some part of the border?

What if 10,000 attacked? Considering Border Patrol detains an average of 2,500 goblins every day, they could amass that number in less than a week.

How are dozens of Border Patrol agents supposed to stop such an army?

This is just like Helm’s Deep except there’s no wall, Haldir is not coming with his Elven reinforcements, Eomer and the Rohirrim are doing drills about invading Iran in the other corner of Middle Earth, Gandalf is mumbling incoherently about “the humane thing to do,” and Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas are ready to fight but armed with just pepper spray.

It’s insane.

When you run out of pepper spray but the Uruk-hai are still coming at you.

We have to wake the fuck up and give Aragorn his sword.

Give Legolas his bow.

Give Gimli his ax.

Enough with this pepper spray bullshit.

Ride out with me.

Ride out and meet them.

For Death and Glory.

For America.

For your people.