Actress Ellen Page Comes Out as a Female-to-Male Transgender, Says to Call Her “Elliot”

Actress Ellen Page, famous for managing to use her role in the 2007 pretentious indie film “Juno” to catapult herself into a successful career as a public lesbian and vegan, has come out as a female-to-male transgender.

Page has ordered people to call her “Elliot” in an Instagram post announcing her strange transformation from a non-butch lesbian into a fake man.

“I can’t begin to express how remarkable it feels to finally love who I am enough to pursue my authentic self,” Page wrote. “I’ve been endlessly inspired by so many in the trans community. Thank you for your courage, your generosity and ceaselessly working to make this world a more inclusive and compassionate place.”


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Fascinating stuff.

Ellen Page was relatively cute back in 2007, when she became famous as a teen actress

2007, aged 19

However, as she aged, her face became very harsh.

2016, aged 28

It truly is incredible what happens to women. They transform from the most lovely things into absolute monsters, and it happens so very quickly. This is why I always tell you that women must be married off young, against their will if necessary.

All women’s faces become harsh sometime after their teen years, in the same way that a fruit begins to stink as it rots, but her transformation was both rapid and extreme. This is no doubt related to her veganism, but there is also the fact that lesbians enjoy looking ugly. Most actresses try to preserve their looks, but I guess her personality as a lesbian meant that she did not want to do that.

She has been very aggressive with her lesbian, vegan and otherwise feminist activism, and the media has paid attention to her despite the fact that she’s only known for one movie. I looked at her Wikipedia page to see if she’d been in anything else, and she did have a small role as Kitty Pride in a couple of X-Men films. Other than that, I didn’t recognize anything she’s done.

The Wikipedia page has been fully edited over the last 12 hours to acknowledge her newfound status as a male. It makes for some funny sentences.

For example:

On February 14, 2014, Page, who was then female, came out as gay during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign’s “Time to Thrive” conference in Las Vegas.

It’s quite inexplicable that the one thing that Page was famous for was playing a pregnant teenager, and now she’s taking up a role to try to ensure that teenage girls can never get pregnant.

What a very strange earth.

Female Transgenderism: A Plot to Exterminate the White Race by Neutralizing Our Breeding Vessels

F-to-M transgenders are not usually called “trannies,” given that this word implies “chicks with dicks.” However, F-to-M transgenders make up a large percentage of the total transgender population, because women are so impressionable.

Our race could survive if 95% of our men were wiped out. It couldn’t survive if 95% of our women were wiped out. There is a reason that when a ship is sinking, women board the rafts first: it’s because they have much, much greater reproductive value than a man. So it should be of a very major concern that the Jewish media and education system are attempting to make as many young girls as possible into transgenders.

Recently, Tucker Carlson interviewed a Jewish feminist, Abigail Shrier, who has written a book entitled “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” about how the homosexual movement is targeting young girls with transgender propaganda and encouraging them to inject themselves with testosterone.

The girls become sterile because of the injections.

Basically, lesbians want this to happen to as many young girls as possible. You see, many teenage girls have a “lesbian phase” where they think it’s fashionable to say they’re lesbians and kiss girls at parties while guys cheer. Then as they age, they stop doing that and become normal women.

The homosexual movement can only reproduce through recruitment, so they want as many of those girls as possible to remain lesbians. The way to do that is to ensure they pass a point of no return – that they get injected with hormones that permanently mutilate their bodies and make them permanently sterile. Then when the phase is over, they’re stuck with it. Probably, most of them will stop claiming to be “men trapped in the wrong body” and just become normal lesbians, given that taking testosterone shots your whole life and pretending to be a man is actually ridiculous.

Ellen Page has fashioned herself as a lesbian advocate and a role model for young girls. Her coming out like this and endorsing the transgender movement is going to encourage many confused teenage girls to say that they’re secretly men, and female and/or Jewish guidance counselors at their schools will be rushing them to an endocrinologist to get them shot up with chemicals that will permanently sterilize them.

A lot of people think of “transgender” and think exclusively of boys wanting to be girls. That makes sense, given that it is a sexual perversion thing, and female sexual perversion is very limited in scope (female perversion is mostly just about the numbers and the type of men – their only fetishes are BDSM and voyeurism). However, about half of “transgender youth” are female.

If you don’t want to buy the book, but you want to know more about this movement encouraging girls to become transgender, Shrier has written a long and pretty good article on Quillette, which is basically a summary of the book.

She was also on Joe Rogan a few months ago. The full show appears to have been censored from YouTube (because of course), but I’m sure you can still find it somewhere if you want it.

Here’s a clip from it.

Do keep in mind that she’s Jewish and clearly some kind of controlled opposition figure who has been brought in to say “I support trannies, but this is going too far” in order to move the anti-tranny discussion left, but the information is good nonetheless.

This is a major, major crisis, because we need these wombs. We already have very serious fertility problems, but theoretically, if we get our society fixed, we would be able to force all women to become mothers through various forms of institutionalized social pressure. What they are doing with this tranny thing is taking women out of the game.

Worse still: the movement targets girls with social problems, i.e., girls who are not doing well with boys, i.e., girls who are not prone to being complete sluts, i.e., girls who would make better mothers than most of these women.

Preventing white births is literally the primary goal of the entire Western system, and this transgender movement is a big part of that. This is yet another reason that we need to fight for Donald Trump, because Joe Biden’s people are planning on introducing sweeping changes to society relating to this transgender thing which will enable predatory homosexuals to further evangelize to our children in the school system. They are asking for a federal mandate that says children have to get a visit by a tranny activist at a very young age, telling them to become trannies. Basically, they are planning to just make encouraging kids to become trannies, and punishing kids who refuse, the main purpose of the education system.

And yes, they are eventually going to do what Europe is doing and send the kids back to school even when there’s a full lockdown, because yes, it is very important to them to brainwash kids. It will probably not be as much schooling as before when all is said and done and we move into a normalized state of permanent partial lockdown, but it will almost all be about being a tranny.

This is yet another reason I have told you that you have to get out of the city if you want to survive what is coming. Rural, all white areas will refuse to do total tranny indoctrination.