Mexico: State Named After Gay Dog Bans “Misogynistic” Lyrics in Concerts

During the coronavirus hoax, the CIA started doing all this anal and vaginal revolutionary behavior in Latin America.

You know, it was a chaotic time, and people were feeling they were losing control of reality, so it was easy to push for social changes.

It’s paid off.

The Guardian:

Authorities in the north-western Mexican state of Chihuahua have banned artists from singing misogynist lyrics in live music venues.

Chihuahua, the capital city of the state, which borders the US, has passed a measure to prohibit musicians from performing songs that promote violence against women.

That means the popular Puerto Rican reggaeton star Bad Bunny, whose concert sold out in the country last year, and Mexico’s most streamed artist, Peso Pluma, a leader of the “narco ballad” genre, might not be welcome thanks to their bragging and misogynistic lyrics.

Every news story you read now is “someone, somewhere is losing more freedoms.”

Or, it’s the reverse – like in Niger or Indonesia, where people are gaining freedoms.

It’s this push and pull between democracy and what used to be called “normal human society.”

Councillor Patricia Ulate from the Pan party, which introduced the reform to the municipal council, said that “harsh realities” – including serious violence against women and an enduring culture of machismo – had motivated lawmakers to act last week against the promotion of gender violence.

Femicide is an ongoing crisis in Mexico, a country where women are 10% of all murder victims

Transgressors face a fine of up to £55,000 (1.2m pesos), with money raised donated to municipal women’s programmes and domestic violence shelters. Legislators insisted that the law was not intended to target any particular musical genre.

“Chihuahua is one of the five municipalities in the state with a gender alert, declared due to high rates of structural violence against women,” said Ulate, the head of the city commission on women, families and gender equality. “Any action that contributes to eradicating these circumstances counts.”

The amendment to licensing laws will apply to events regulated by the municipality. Reported domestic abuse in the city has been steeply rising.

When did Mexico become this gay?

The municipality mayor, Marco Bonilla, said financial penalties would be imposed on “whoever [sings] songs that promote violence against women”. He called such violence a “pandemic”, with seven out of every 10 calls to city police related to violence within the family. Live music which objectified and sexualised women would be considered violence, said Bonilla.

Music is violence now.

It’s democracy, goy.

The Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, last month affirmed the right of musicians to “sing whatever they want” but criticised artists who glorify violence and drug use. “We are not going to remain silent when they say that [ecstasy pills] are good and that they have a 50-calibre weapon, and that their idols are the most famous drug traffickers.”

The Chihuahua state congressman, Francisco Sánchez, from the Citizens’ Movement party, spoke out against the ban as “useless and retrograde”. He told local media: “It threatens freedom and even runs counter to article 6 of the constitution that defends the manifestation of ideas.”

Yeah, you would think it would be illegal to ban songs.

I mean, you would assume that.

I don’t even like Bad Bunny, but I mean… he’s not allowed to sing songs because the songs are violence?

Mexico never had this weird shit. This all came in in the last three years.

When cartels finally take over, it’s probably gonna be for the better