ADL Files Lawsuit in DC Demanding $4 Billion in Free Money from Iran, Syria, And North Korea

This is what they do.

If they can’t beat you in a straight fight, they sue you in civil court. It’s what they did to Alex Jones. They’ve done it to others as well. Some of them, perhaps, much better than Alex Jones, and also not owners of multimillion dollar magic pill empires.

But what does North Korea have to do with this?


More than 100 victims and relatives of victims of the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas militants in Israel sued Iran, Syria and North Korea on Monday, accusing the countries of providing Hamas support and demanding at least $4 billion in damages.

The lawsuit filed in federal court in Washington, D.C., by the Anti-Defamation League is the largest case against foreign countries in connection with the attack, and the first backed by a Jewish organization, the ADL said in a press release.

It accuses the three countries of providing financial, military and tactical support to Hamas. The U.S. government has designed Iran, Syria and North Korea state sponsors of terrorism.

It is common for countries accused of state-sponsored terrorism to ignore lawsuits in the U.S. and not to honor judgments against them in U.S. courts.

If the defendants are found liable, the plaintiffs hope to tap the U.S. Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund, which Congress created in 2015 to compensate individuals who have won judgments against state sponsors of terrorism.

But the fund has run low, prompting several members of Congress to introduce legislation in May that would enhance funding and guarantee annual payments to victims.

We’ve all heard this “North Korea arms Hamas” thing. It’s very silly. It’s probably true. But I’m sure they don’t do it for free.

Due to North Korea’s particularly precarious situation, most of their economy is built around weapons manufacturing. I mean, they walled these people off in a cage, basically, and refused to sign a treaty ending the war.

The official position of the terrorist rebel group “South Korea” is that they are still at war with the real government of Korea (“North Korea”) and that they are planning to invade and conquer it at some point. They had the backing of the entire world, save for China, which was relatively noncommittal on the issue. North Korea are totally cut off from the rest of the world and they have a type of forced starvation policy imposed on them. (They’re not actually starving. They can grow rice and they’ve got a few chickens. But the average South Korean man is five inches taller than the average North Korean man – so it’s forced poverty that results in child malnutrition.) So, they couldn’t do anything other than cowboy up and mass produce missiles. What else are they going to do?

And if you’re literally banned from doing business, and your only serious industry is missiles because you have a bunch of feminist perverts threatening to destroy you, what are you going to do other than sell missiles to Hamas?

Even if you believed Hamas was evil or bad or whatever – and I don’t believe that, but even if you did – it’s the old “starving man stealing bread” situation.

But seriously man, these Jews.

Do they ever stop whining?

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Kim should really invite me to his country to serve as a friend and confidant.

I would tell him: you should send the Jews a box of shoes, with a little note saying “I watched a documentary about that mean mustache man stealing your shoes and throwing them in a pile, so I give these as a gesture of love and friendship. But I’m not giving you billions of dollars. Please don’t ever demand I give you billions of dollars again. Thanks. Your Friend, Kim.”