RFK Jr. Promises to Open All the Files If He’s Elected – JFK, 9/11, All of Them

Open the files!

This is ridiculous!

They keep telling us how free we are and how we have to do a war with the Chinese because they don’t have freedom. Do you know what the Chinese did with the Tiananmen Square files? They published them online. They have also published, through universities, the files about Mao’s supposed bad behavior.

In America, they still won’t tell us who killed Kennedy. Imagine it. The president gets his brains blown out in an obvious conspiracy, then his brother runs to replace him and gets his brains blown out in an obvious conspiracy – then the “freedom country” government says “yeah, you are never allowed to know what happened here.”

This is ridiculous.

November 9th was the biggest terrorist attack in American history. We did two and arguably 5-8 wars because of this event, and the government refuses to tell us what happened.

The Guardian:

Robert F Kennedy Jr has made a startling pledge to not “take sides” with respect to the September 11 terrorist attacks if his long-shot presidential campaign vaults him to the White House.

“My take on 9/11: It’s hard to tell what is a conspiracy theory and what isn’t. But conspiracy theories flourish when the government routinely lies to the public,” Kennedy wrote on Friday in a post on X in reference to the deadliest terrorist attack ever aimed at the US. “As president I won’t take sides on 9/11 or any of the other debates.

“But I can promise … that I will open the files and usher in a new era of transparency.”

The attacks killed nearly 3,000 people in 2001 after terrorists hijacked and crashed passenger planes into New York’s World Trade Center, the Pentagon in Washington DC and a field in Pennsylvania.

Kennedy’s decision to revisit one of the most traumatic subjects in American history came just three days after the noted conspiracy theorist responded to an allegation that he sexually assaulted a babysitter previously in his employ by saying: “I’m not a church boy” and “I am who I am.”

I will say: be careful with the 9/11 stuff.

A couple weeks ago (I’m sure we covered it but I can’t find the article), Saudi Arabia refused to renew the petrodollar deal.

This is a monumental event in the slow-motion collapse of the Anal Empire. It’s a big deal.

So, recently, the media has been running articles about how the Saudis actually did November 9th, after claiming for decades they had nothing to do with it. Literally days after Saudi refused to sign the deal, the media started saying “these people did 9/11.”

This is probably what is in the first layer of redacted files: Saudi intelligence.

What they won’t tell you is the role that the Mossad was playing in Saudi intelligence.

This was layered plausible deniability: the Mossad used assets they controlled in Saudi intelligence to do the event, then blamed Osama bin Laden. So if they come out and tell you Saudi did it, keep asking for more information.

That information might not be in the main files. The US government has so many files. But it might not be in any files, because the Mossad control of assets in Saudi intelligence was clandestine.

Anyway, here’s the fact: the Jews did the November 9th attacks.

If Saudi had done them, they would have tried to blame Iran instead of Afghanistan and Iraq. I mean, they might not have liked Saddam, but he was Sunni at least. What the US did was oust Saddam and put Shia militias in charge of Iraq. There is no way Saudi wanted that.

RFK isn’t going to be president, because US elections are fake. If the US elections were real, he would honestly have a chance. I mean that. I would presumably endorse him over Trump, if I thought votes were real – if only because Trump was already president once and didn’t do anything.

Further: Trump says “you can grab ’em by the pussy,” referring to no one in particular, and then apologizes. RFK gropes the babysitter and says “I’ve done a lot worse than that.” That is way better energy.

I believe in Irish nepotism. But beyond that, the fact is: we need Irish energy. We need IRA energy. We need the cars of enemy politicians blowing up and the Irish president croaking “I don’t know anything about that. No further comment.”

That’s the only solution to America’s problems.

Full-IRA style governance.

Ski masks.



He would flip on that Israel thing immediately after winning the election. 100% 180 flip. Guaranteed. In some alternative reality where he could win.

Sadly, the system is fake, and Bobby will not win.

It’s gonna be Zio-Don or Genocide Joe, because this country is controlled by the Jews.

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