African Team Wins Sportsball Match, French Cities Burn

Daily Stormer
July 9, 2019

On Sunday, in case you missed it, some Africans defeated some other Africans in a sportsball contest. By manipulating the sportsball in the approved way, and positioning it in the correct manner, Algeria were able to triumph 3-0 over Guinea, securing a place in the quarter finals of the African Cup.

This was the occasion for great rejoicing in France, which is currently being colonized by Africa. As you know, when Afropeans are happy, they tend to trash and break things. When they are unhappy, they also tend to trash and break things, but in a more aggressive way.

All of this kind can be put down to the exuberance of feeling for which the African is renowned.

Across France, from Paris to Marseille, police had their hands full trying to place some limits on this African exuberance.

France must now wait in trepidation for the results of the remaining Afro-Cup matches. This will allow them to tell which group of Afropeans are likely to go on the rampage next, and whether it is likely to be a hard rampage of protest or a soft rampage of victory.