Africans Accuse Germany of Neo-Colonialism for Trying to Ban Importing Hunting Trophies

People think the blacks are stupid. American blacks actually are stupid.

But the Africans, from what we’ve seen, are much more intelligent than the white women who run Europe.

European Conservative:

Germany’s Green Party has been hit with accusations of “causing damage” in Africa and acting as though Namibian citizens “can’t think for themselves” over plans to ban the import of hunting trophies.

The row broke out when Green Environment Minister Steffi Lemke began campaigning for the ban, describing the import of trophies as “absurd.” Similar bans are also being considered in Britain and elsewhere in Europe.

Steffi Lemke, “Green” politician

Lemke has complained about the hunting of animals “facing extinction,” prompting Namibian officials to stress that hunting is, in fact, a key part of conservation.

This is true and the point has been done to death.

We certainly understand this in the midwest of the US, where if you didn’t hunt deer, they would completely destroy the forests by eating every single bit of green on the ground.

We eliminated wolves in the area, which is good because it protects livestock (and small children who wander off), but it means we have to play the role the wolves used to play and limit the deer population.

The African nation’s environment minister, Pohamba Shifeta, told German newspaper Bild that trophy hunting takes place under strict international guidelines, adding that, if Germany were to make this “impossible,” this would be “an illegal, neo-colonial interference that runs counter to the international legal situation.”

The dispute is not confined to Namibia. Officials in its neighbouring country, Botswana, have threatened to send 20,000 elephants to Germany in protest against potential trophy import bans, which are being discussed despite an overpopulation of the mammal. (Its leaders say the country is home to around 130,000 elephants.)

What are you supposed to do with that many elephants?

They should send them to Germany, if Germany loves them so much. See how they deal with them.

Insisting that the promise of this ‘gift’ was “no joke,” President Mokgweetsi Masisi said the elephants should be allowed to “roam freely” like they would in Botswana.

Even the European Commission last year accepted that, so long as it is “well-regulated,” trophy hunting “can deliver benefits for both wildlife conservation and for the livelihoods and wellbeing of indigenous people and local communities living with wildlife.”

Masisi has warned that elephant overpopulation has become so bad that crops and even villages are being desecrated by the creatures. Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment said Lemke has “signaled that she will accept Botswana’s invitation if an opportunity arises” to inspect the country’s conservation efforts.

They don’t even need to do anything to “conserve” elephants. They are everywhere in Botswana, like a plague of very large insects.

Banning trophy hunting is probably the worst thing you can do if you actually actually care about conservation.

The only reason the blacks tolerate living around lions and tigers and bears (and elephants) is that they make money out of hunting, lots of money.

Take that away, and the locals will just wipe most of them out very quickly, because all of these animals are an annoyance.

Further: safaris are not a valid alternative, because not only do they make less money, but there’s a limit to how many people you can bring there before it starts affecting the wildlife. Hunters do not make a big mess like safaris do, they don’t disrupt the environment. They move through the forest trying to be as undetected as possible.

White women are totally driven by emotions, and they believe stupid hoaxes about conservation, which are decades old. The blacks were doing the logical thing in wiping out these animals that cause so many problems for crops and for villages, before it turned out that white people were willing to go on hunting trips, at which point the blacks decided there was a good reason to keep these animals around.

We see racists talking about how “blacks destroy the environment.” They actually don’t do that. The number one destroyer of the environment in Africa are Western companies going there to mine rare earth minerals to make “green” technology.

This is the cost of your gay and retarded electric car.

If you want to save the environment in Africa, stop subsidizing electric cars. Stop it with the windmills and solar panels. Go back to normal sources of energy.

The animals are fine as long as the blacks have a reason not to kill them all. Big game hunting is the main reason.

It’s all just more nonsense from these white whores who run everything. If white men were in charge of their own countries, we would not be doing “green” technology.