Germany: Hundreds of Cops Risk Being Purged on Suspicion of Wrongthink

Germany is being totally locked down and the entire society is undergoing a Bolshevik-style purge.

You have to wonder what it is they have planned that they feel the need to push things this far.

Or maybe you don’t have to wonder: they are planning a war with Russia.

European Conservative:

Members of the German police force who are suspected of holding opinions deemed unacceptable by Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser and her political allies risk having their employment terminated under a new law.

Germany’s radical left-activist interior minister has, since taking office in 2021, made it her mission to effectively rid all levels of the civil service of conservatives. The list of so-called ‘enemies of the constitution’ and ‘right-wing extremists’ appears to be ever-expanding.

Under Faeser’s new disciplinary law for civil servants, included in her sweeping 13-point plan to combat ‘right-wing extremism,’ the court process for removing public servants from office has been abolished, opening the door for political arbitrariness. As of April 1st, the state has the unilateral authority to determine whether someone is an ‘extremist.’

In Germany, this bitch can destroy your life on a whim

By the Federal Disciplinary Act (Bundesdisziplinargesetz), which provides for different measures of punishment if a disciplinary procedure is launched against an employee of the state, the Federal Ministry of the Interior ultimately calls the shots. This puts Faeser at the center of this push to rid the police force of officers with rightist views.

Furthermore, the Federal Interior Minister, under “the right to issue instructions,” is permitted to give directives to the interior ministers of the federal states.

According to information from the 16 interior ministries of the federal states, at least 407 police officers are already being investigated or face disciplinary proceedings—and could be removed from public service—over suspicions of having ‘right-wing extremist’ views and alleged penchants for ‘conspiracy theories.’

The Bundestag’s Federal Police Commissioner Uli Grötsch, a member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) and a close political ally of Faeser, did his best to play up the idea that ‘right-wing extremists’ have infiltrated all aspects of society and represent an existential threat to the Constitutional order.

“We live in times in which right-wing extremists are deliberately trying to destabilize the police,” Grötsch claimed. “The danger is greater than ever before. For the entire country. And therefore also for the police.”

The use of the term ‘right-wing extremist’ is employed, perhaps more so than ever, by members of Germany’s political establishment as a means to demonize, marginalize, and exclude their ideological opponents and democratic political challengers.

Even the former head of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution under Angela Merkel, Hans-Georg Maassen, has been slapped with the label by the domestic intelligence agency—and is therefore a subject of its intrusive observation.

Maassen, in an interview with Junge Freiheit published days ago, told the newspaper that “the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has now created dossiers on many citizens in order to persecute them.”

Yeah, it’s stretching way beyond actual neo-Nazis or other groups that used to be the definition of “right-wing extremist.” It already includes anyone who votes for or is sympathetic to the AfD, which is more than 35% of the country. They are now just putting Merkel people on the list of domestic threats.

It’s anyone who is opposed to the war, is opposed to immigration, or who is not gay.

Basically, exactly like with the Bolsheviks, a very small group in German society has declared war on the mainstream of German society. Of course, it’s different than in Russia 100 years ago, because that was before women were liberated. When you have liberated women, you have a large group of people who will support whatever the government does, no matter what.