After Being Harassed by Annoying Rat Jew, Saudi Confirms Neutrality on Ukraine Issue

For those who don’t get it, “neutrality” means you’re on Russia’s side.

This is also China’s position.


Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan has said that Riyadh and other Arab states are taking an impartial stance in the Ukraine-Russia conflict and want to maintain ties with both parties. He made his statement after the conclusion of the Arab League summit in Jeddah on Friday, which was attended by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

“Since the beginning of the crisis, the Arab countries have taken a position of positive neutrality, opening dialogue with the Russian and Ukrainian parties, while ensuring Arab relations with the two sides,” the diplomat said, adding “we welcome hearing the viewpoints of both sides of [the] Russia-Ukrainian conflict.”

The Ukrainian leader, meanwhile, argued, without singling anyone out, that some Arab nations were turning “a blind eye” to Moscow’s “illegal annexations” of territory.

Saudi Arabia has declined to join Western sanctions on Moscow, which include the efforts to curtail its energy exports. Riyadh’s continued cooperation with Russia through OPEC+, a cartel of oil exporters, has drawn criticism from the United States.

The Zelensky speech was incredible. Still in that disgusting green sweatshirt. (By the way, just a heads up – I’ve noticed the rats in my neighborhood have started wearing sloppy green shirts in honor of “Rat King” Zelensky. Please be aware.)

Why would he think the Arabs of all people would like that?

It should have been a happy event – our good friend Assad was back for the first time in like, a decade!

That was China’s doing, by the way. Xi negotiated this peace with our trusted friend Bashir.

Everyone was happy-happy. Assad received a warm welcome!

Welcome back to our friend!

It’s a real shame the Jew snake came in to shit up the event and steal the headlines about the solidification of peace in the region through Sino-Friendship.

But hey – I guess it was a good event, because it resulted in everyone hating that ratty ass green shirter even worse than ever thought possible.

Saudi Arabia is supposed to be this super important partner of Analmerica.

Saudi supported all these wars on their doorstep because America told them to.

Things have changed.

Sino-Friendship was always inevitable.

Now it’s here.