After Closing Down in Response to Death Threats from Jews, Indonesian Nazi Cafe to Reopen (sort of)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 30, 2013

Soldaten Kaffee attendees having a good time in NSDAP t-shirts.
Soldaten Kaffee attendees having a good time in NSDAP t-shirts.

The fantastic NSDAP-themed Soldatenkaffe (“Soldiers’ Cafe”) shut down on Friday, July 19th, after the owner, Henry Mulyana, received a series of death threats.

I wonder who could have sent those?

Filthy Kike

The Indonesians are a peaceful folk, and didn’t want any trouble – they were merely honoring a man who many Asians view as a hero: Adolf Hitler.

Mulyana has said, in order to appease the haters, he is going modify the cafe’s theme, employing a broader WWII aesthetic, “So there won’t only be photos of Hitler, but Winston Churchill and Indonesian heroes too. There will be Japanese soldiers, not only German soldiers, and no swastikas.”

Death threats from Jews are a Joke, and should by no means ever be taken seriously. I have personally received several death threats from Jews, but I have yet to see one approach me to follow through.  It is rather disappointing that Mulyana caved under the ‘pressure.’ And it is doubtful that even with this compromise, the threats will cease.

The Jews’ goal is to erase all memory of the greatest hero the world has ever known, Adolf Hitler, overwriting his person with a fantasy portrait of a homosexual, drug-addicted, insane mass-murderer. Anyone who doesn’t go along with this narrative is sure to be attacked. It may be that non-Whites who exalt the Führer are even more likely to be attacked than the Whites that celebrate his person; when a White does it, he can be dismissed as a hater – when a non-White does it, it shows the cracks in the official Jewish lie that Hitler somehow wanted to kill everyone who wasn’t blonde-haired and blue-eyed.

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