Agitated Vaccine Activist Scott Adams Says China is Behind “Nearly All of Our Biggest National Problems”

Scott Adams was pretty good during the run-up to the 2016 election. He was one of the first public figures to say Donald Trump was going to win, which was an impressive feat.

However, it turned out that was a fluke. After the election, Adams went on to continue commenting on politics and events, and became a vaccine shill.

He has a self-image that is based on the belief that he is right about everything, so having been totally wrong about the vax (in a way that cost people their lives), he’s been unable to let it go, and has just continued claiming that he actually was right because he followed the science and it’s not his fault the science was wrong.

This week, he upped the ante on goofy retarded nonsense, and began promoting war against the Chinese to distract from the actions of the people in Washington.

It’s just impossible to get inside these people’s heads.

What did China do, exactly?

If you ask them, they will start talking about TikTok!

Firstly, if China was using TikTok to spy on people, that would not amount to “all of our biggest national problems.” Secondly, TikTok is not collecting more data than any other app. We’re apparently okay with the US government and all of these companies collecting that data.

Of course, the implication by these neocon shills like Marco Rubio and Tucker Carlson is that TikTok is collecting more data than these other apps. That would obviously be impossible without the collaboration of Apple. These apps have to submit their code to get on the Apple store. If the accusation is that Apple, one of America’s biggest companies, is engaged in an espionage conspiracy with an adversarial state, that is much bigger news than the Chinese spying on random teenagers. It would also be a lot easier to deal with – Apple should be brought up on charges of treason.

But the conversation never reaches that level with these people. It is all this low-level race fear propaganda.

I like the various (good) Vietnam war movies. Apocalypse Now is far and above the best one, but Full Metal Jacket is also very good. Platoon and the rest of the Oliver Stone films are interesting. However, all of these films portrayed the Chinese as a kind of soulless insect people prone to outrageous violence. I think from an artistic perspective, this is totally acceptable, as I’m sure that’s how the American soldiers felt, and the goal of the films was to portray the experience of these soldiers rather than to give a fair shake to the gooks. However, this image of Vietnamese (Southern Chinese) people seems to have lingered in the cultural memory of Americans in an extreme way, to the point where the government/media is able to operate on the assumption that Chinese people are evil by nature and must be plotting something – whatever it is.

Personally, I do not care very much about China at all. It is only relevant to me in relation to America. The issue I take with this obsession with China is that it is always, always, always used as a way for the people in Washington – who are the people actually responsible for all of America’s problems – to say “hey – look over there!”

Outside of the Jewish neocon world domination agenda, both Democrats and Republicans benefit a whole lot from being able to claim that the problems that they caused are actually the fault of strange people on the other side of the planet somehow.

Talking about China as a major threat is always a distraction, and always part of an agenda of the people who are actually destroying this country. It’s simply unacceptable. It is, actually, very much in-line with shilling a deadly vaccine against people who trust you.