UN Inspectors Debunk the Ukraine’s Hoax About Explosives in Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant

No one could have predicted this was another nonsensical hohol hoax.

A hohoax!

The Guardian:

The UN nuclear watchdog says it has found no explosives in areas of the Russian-held Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine to which it had requested access a month earlier.

On 4 July, Russia and Ukraine accused each other of planning to stage an attack on Europe’s biggest nuclear power plant, with the latter claiming “operational data” showed “explosive devices” had been placed on the roofs of two units.

A small IAEA team based at the plant sought to verify the accusations by inspecting areas of the site to which it had already been granted access. It issued updates in the ensuing weeks to say it had found no signs of explosives in those areas, except mines outside the perimeter that appeared to pose no danger to the plant’s safety.

Imagine reading these stories about the Ukraine after having been lied to dozens of times, and then believing the next obvious lie.

There are people like this, apparently.

I’ve never met one, but there is evidence that there are people who hear “Zelensky says Russia is going to blow up their own power plant” and think “wow, Russia sure is evil.”