AI Bigger Than Industrial Revolution, UK Deputy Prime Minister Says

People don’t really seem to be grasping the magnitude of the situation.

There are a lot of reasons for that. A big part of it is frankly the fact that the government wants to keep acting like “aging population” is a good reason for immigration.

But also, if people knew the kind of changes coming down the pike, they would be demanding some kind of regulation be put on it.

The Guardian:

Artificial intelligence could have a more significant impact on Britain than the Industrial Revolution, the deputy prime minister has said, but warned it could be used by hackers to access sensitive information from the government.

Oliver Dowden said AI could speed up productivity and perform boring aspects of jobs.

This is a total revolution that is coming,” Dowden told the Times. “It’s going to totally transform almost all elements of life over the coming years, and indeed, even months, in some cases.

It is much faster than other revolutions that we’ve seen and much more extensive, whether that’s the invention of the internal combustion engine or the Industrial Revolution.”

Dowden said AI would allow for faster future decision-making by governments. Asylum claim applications processed by the Home Office are already using AI, and it could even be used in reducing paperwork that goes into ministerial red boxes.

“The thing that AI right now does really well, it takes massive amounts of information from datasets in different places and enables you to get to a point where you can make decisions,” he said. “Ministers are never going to outsource to AI the making of decisions.”

People in power can make these statements. There can be news segments and so on. Congress can hold hearings.

But this should be a public discussion on par with the discussion we would be having if an alien mothership were hovering over the earth. It should be the only thing anyone is thinking about or talking about.

But humanity is blundering into what will amount to the single biggest change in our entire existence, and there is nothing that is going to change that. To change that, you would have to have control over the media. You don’t have control over the media, because you’re not a cabal of Christ-killing Jews.