Alex Berenson Slams the Jews for Shilling the Vax!

After being restored to Twitter, coronavirus/vax truth activist Alex Berenson has gone Death Con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.

Along with outright naming the Jew, he’s been going down the list of recent Jewish scandals.


ADL censorship league:

He’s also going Allah Mode on the Jewish head of Pfizer:

Alex Berenson is himself Jewish, so he’s sort of “allowed” to talk about Jews, but not really. This is basically backlash from Ye. Discussion of the Jews is now on the table, and everyone is snacking on it.

I think Alex Berenson is a good person, even though he’s Jewish, and it’s possible there are more like this (I do not see many of them). But it doesn’t really matter how many “good Jews” there are, because the point is that the establishment of this country is controlled by a Jewish criminal cartel, and it doesn’t stop being Jewish in nature simply because not every single Jew is involved in it.

Compare it to the “Italian Mafia.” We had conversations about the Mafia for decades, and everyone knew they were Italian, and they were called Italian, but that didn’t mean that every single Italian – or even the average Italian – was in the Mafia. Also, Italians never tried to argue that the Mafia was not Italian, and they certainly never argued that talking about the Mafia was going to lead to a genocide of Italians.

The Mafia problem was only solved because people talked about it. The Jew criminal gang doesn’t want the problem solved, which is why they ban talking about it. They control everything and they absolutely do not want to surrender that power. Why would they?

It’s the job of non-Jews – and apparently of Jews who are not part of the cartel – to speak out against this criminal gang instead of being afraid of having their lives ruined by Jews. They can’t stop all of us.

Ye is the bravest man on earth, as he was the only one willing to go first. It’s now easier for everyone else who goes out there and says it. Jews are now on the backfoot, as people really do not like what they did to Ye, Kyrie, and to an extent Dave Chappelle. They do not like how the ADL is dealing with Elon Musk. They do not like this FTX swindle.

Now is the time to say it.

We don’t have much time left, and increasingly, there is nothing left to lose.