Putin Warns That the Ukraine’s Statehood is at Risk, Says Russia Won’t Give Up Gains

Alexy Arestovich, who is my favorite Ukraine commentator, said recently that if you are a country close to Russia, you have to be friends with Russia, or you will become a part of Russia.

This is true historically and it is true now. Russia is a big and powerful country. They have no reason to tolerate people coming at them.

No powerful country has ever tolerated their neighbors coming at them.

As Arestovich also pointed out recently, no country can allow a hostile country on its borders.

He described it as “technically impossible.” Remember that the Ukraine was talking about hosting NATO nukes, which was the last straw for Putin.

Russians are now talking about returning Galicia to Poland, while they keep the east of the country, and just abolishing the state of the Ukraine completely.

It’s really best for everyone, I think. Insofar as “Ukraine” people even exist (the idea of “Ukraine identity” is a theory I don’t personally subscribe to), they are non-Russian because they prefer to be ruled by Poland.

So, pick one: Russian or Polish.

It just makes basic common sense.


Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Ukraine’s statehood could suffer an “irreparable blow” if the pattern of the war continued, and Russia would never be forced to abandon the gains it had made.

Putin made his televised comments a day after Switzerland agreed to host a global summit at the request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

Putin dismissed “so-called peace formulas” being discussed in the West and Ukraine and what he called the “prohibitive demands” they entailed.

“Well, if they don’t want (to negotiate), then don’t!” he said.

Now it is quite obvious, not only (Ukraine’s) counter-offensive failed, but the initiative is completely in the hands of the Russian armed forces. If this continues, Ukrainian statehood may suffer an irreparable, very serious blow.”

Putin said talk of negotiation was “an attempt to motivate us to abandon the gains that we have realized over the past year and a half. But this is impossible. Everyone understands that this is impossible.”

Everyone understands.

Russia is winning. They are dug in. The Ukraine is losing so badly that they are talking about drafting women, and yet the Western “solution” is to continue to demand Russia offer an unconditional surrender.

It’s totally insane and ridiculous, and it is only even possible because Americans are fat retards who have no idea what is even going on in the world.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.