Alex Stein Flirts with Big Booty Latina AOC – She Threatens to Change the System to Destroy Him

Legendary hero Alex Stein was in Washington this week and ran into AOC. He took the time to flirt with her, which is more than I would have done.

Alex politely compliments her big Latina booty, and says that she looks good in her dress, especially her big booty. It seems like a friendly enough exchange, and AOC even comes over to take a selfie with him.

Despite the respectful and polite nature of the exchange, after it was over, AOC went totally ape, and recorded an unhinged video threatening Stein in a rude and disrespectful manner. She also claimed that she would change the entire system to prevent men from complimenting her butt.

Telling the story of him complimenting her, she notes that he did it “right in front of a Capitol police officer,” as if he should have been arrested or maybe shot by the police for talking to her. She then says that “nobody can do anything” to stop him from talking to her in public.

She goes on to say: “I’m just telling you, because this institution is not designed to protect people.”

“It’s really hard and it’s really sad that my only recourse is to just let you know about it, but that’s the institution we’re in,” she concludes.

This begs the question: what kind of an institution is she trying to put us in? Apparently, one where people are not allowed to talk to politicians. Is she also saying that this new institution she wants to put us in will disallow all men from talking to all women?

Why is she using the word “institution”? She is apparently talking about the governmental system of the United States, and implies that she wants to change it to protect herself from people asking her questions.

After this happened, she deleted the above video (I think it was from Instagram or TikTok, I don’t actually know), then went on Twitter to whine. She was again talking about an “institution.” She also says that she should have attacked him, but didn’t want to go to jail.

This is very strange to have politicians saying things like this, frankly. This is an elected official claiming publicly that it should be against the law for the peasants to talk to her.

I literally don’t even understand what she is saying, but you know who does? I’ll give you three guesses. No, you won’t guess. It was… Bill O’Reilly?


Many people were reminded of the time last week when AOC endorsed people rioting and chasing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh out of a steakhouse.

People also pointed to another tweet she made in 2020 talking about how protesters should make people uncomfortable.

It’s sort of a normie conservative talking point to point out the double standard here, but this is just ridiculous. She’s just outright saying “the rules that I make for Republicans should not apply to me.” She is obviously just a stupid bimbo who is totally solipsistic like all women and couldn’t possibly grasp that there is a double standard here, and that’s why pointing it out is kind of pointless. But she’s also one of the most infamous representatives of the US government.

Why is this even an important news story in the first place?

BREAK: Guy on the street thinks AOC has a nice ass!

Is this a serious country?

Alex appeared on Jason Whitlock’s show to explain why he said “big booty” instead of “luscious ass.”

After the event, AOC called the cops on Alex, but obviously he hadn’t committed any crimes.

She did successfully get his comedy show canceled under the new International Federation of Joke Police orders banning joking around, horseplay, and roughhousing.

He came back with a group of people, to manifest joyful family happiness.

Alex also ran into the traitor Adam Kinzinger during his Washington adventure, and accurately informed him that he sucks.