Washington County Awards $25 Million in Grants to Combat “Public Health Crisis” of Racism

Here be science

Does anyone even know what racism is?

I literally have no idea.

These anti-racism people can’t explain it.

How are we supposed to fight it? I would agree to fight it and stop it just so people would quit talking about it. Also, I would accept this $25 million to totally end it.

But I don’t know what it is.

The Post Millennial:

King County, WA has awarded $25 million in grants to nonprofits, community organizations, and small businesses whose work is “essential” to address “racism” as a “public health crisis.”

In 2020, Executive Constantine and Public Health — Seattle and King County declared racism as a public health crisis.

On Thursday, King County Executive Dow Constantine announced $25 million in grants awarded to 123 nonprofits, community organizations, and small businesses.

King County Executive Dow Constantine said that the county “…is honored to partner with organizations and businesses that are and have been developing solutions to repair the harms of racism, bringing healing and well-being to Black and Indigenous communities.”

Constantine, who is also co-chair of the Racism is a Public Health Crisis effort, added, “King County is actively confronting the reality of racism and acknowledging its historic and present-day impacts on marginalized communities. This $25 million investment will help to combat the public health crisis that racism truly presents in our communities while forging a path toward a more equitable and just future for all people.”

According to a press release, since March 2022, “King County and the co-chairs have met weekly with the Gathering Collaborative, a group of diverse and trusted community members, to co-create the grant program. The Collaborative is the result of reimagining a different grants process in partnership with Black and Indigenous communities, and to equitably distribute grant funding to advance economic and racial justice in communities.”

Nearly 800 applications requesting over $230 million. 123 organizations were funded including those “…working to address food access, economic justice and resiliency, youth mentoring and support, housing, peer support networks, art, creating healthy and safe spaces in nature.”

The awards were granted even as King County is facing a $50 million budget gap and King County Public Health is bracing in anticipation of having the largest reduction among county departments in response.

Actually, cutting money for boomers’ medicine and giving it to fat black women to embezzle is hilarious and I support it.

Boomers created all of this nonsense.

They can’t tell you what racism is either, but they believe in it.

So just let them die so obese black women can drive Cadillacs and crash them into lamp posts and then get out and strip naked.

Everyone deserves this.